Merevelous: Don't even try! .....What the...what is that?

Eric's Quest I Chapter 6: Too Early to Come, Too Late to Run

Written by Dk64rules

The Main Characters are...

Eric Four


Merevelous Dontori

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Part 1: Merevelous Begins...

Merev: You couldn't possibly have gotten all 4 Coveted Orbs that fast!

Eric: Yeah, well...

Kiara [whispers]: Oh, no...he didn't get all of them!

Merev: Well Super Speed, I assume you came to fight?

Eric: Yes I did.

[Both raise there swords and clash them together.]

Merev [thinking]: Why is he not swinging harder? He has all four...

[Both jump back and continue to swing at each other, walking towards the elevator at the end of the room's bridge over lava.]

Merev: You know, I always thought you were a bit rushed!

Eric: What do you mean, you evil sorcerer?!

Merev: Look at yourself. Your arm is completely messed up! You clearly weren't born right.

Eric: Grrr....

Merev: And where the hell did you get an "E" shirt? Did your mommy make it for you?

Eric: Raaah!

[Eric swings, barely missing Merevelous' neck. Merevelous swings back.]

Merev: Why are you fighting, anyway?! To save a little-paid lackluster fighter? The king is dead, Ameri is dead, you are fighting to get yourself killed!

Eric: I'm fighting to end you!

[Eric swings and hits, sending Merevelous sliding back. Now they're at the center of the bridge.]

Merev: Okay then, big boy! I'll fight!

[In two swings, Merevelous knocks Eric over the edge, making him hang on for dear life to the bridge railing.]

Eric [scared]: Aah!

Merev: Hahaha!

Part 2: Return to Eric

Eric: [pulling himself up]: Urrgh...

Merev: Don't even try! .....What the...what is that?

Eric: [turned]: Wha?

[A mysteryious ghost figure appears, and shows himself as Sixty Four.]

Eric: *gasp*!

Merev: Sixty....Four?

[Sixty uses his power to power up Eric, and Eric jumps back on the bridge!]

Merev: Back for more, eh?

[They begin fighting again, and Eric starts to best Merevelous.]

Merev: Please, no more!

Eric: Time to end you!

[Eric stabs Merevelous in the chest, but the body disapears!]

Eric: What?

[Eric turns around, and the real Merevelous Dontori walks toward Eric.]

Merev: Don't move, boy!

[Then a shadowy figure moves out from behind Merevelous, a cloaked man named Guyton.]

Eric: ...Guyton!

Part 3: Death Comes to Everyone Sometime

Guyton: Hold still, kid!

[Guyton shoots foward, his super speed skills helping him smash Eric through the elevator door.]

Merev: That's enough, Guyton. Forever.

[In a twist of fate, Merevelous picks up Guyton and throws him over the bridge.]

Guyton: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?

Merev: Now I believe, I have you to finish.

[A half-KOed Eric is on the floor of the elevator.]

Kiara: No!

Merev: Goodbye Eric! Maybe next time, you can get the stuff you need! Foolish boy!

[Merevelous locks the doors of the now smashed up elevator. Eric looks up, but he is too late.]

Kiara: Eric!!!

[Merevelous cuts the chain holding the elevator, and the elevator flies down the bottomless shaft.]

Kiara: No!!

The End

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