Erased Memories 6 is the last and final game in the series. It will take shortly after the fifth one.


Steve suddenly regains his memories after a freak accident with a toaster and a blizzard. He is back at the Mushroom Kingdom, where Rosalina tells him that things have gone horribly wrong with the true villain's plan. While Steve wonders who the heck is the true villain, he has lost all memories of what happened during the past five games. Rosalina and Lubba decide to go into Mario/Steve's mind to see what happened, and find out that everyone is completely wiped clean of every memory they had in the past. Suddenly, a giant monstrous robot Bowser clone comes and attacks Peach's castle. Steve/Mario gets grabbed by Bowser and is turned into a AI on a french fry. Steve/Mario is thrown back into the world he was in before. Zelda and Peach find him, and Mario/Steve explains weakly what has happened so far. Peach and Zelda realize everything they know is a lie. Link takes the french fry and goes to Mecha Bowser, only to be confronted with an new enemy, Mecha Ganon. Mecha Ganon explains that Link can reverse time with a special clock. Link tells him no, and Ganon stops the world, and fights Link. Link manages to create an paradox by smashing the clock, which causes an small black hole to appear. Mecha Ganon is sucked in, and the black hole closes. Mecha Ganon leaves behind a small shiny sphere to roll into Link's arms. Link travels to the Twilight Realm, where oddly everything has been unaffected. A small shiny sphere appears, but soaked in a dark substance. Simon Belmont appears with Holy Water, but it turns out he is an cyborg. Wolf Link attacks Simon Belmont, and grabs the Holy Water and spills it on the the sphere.

Link grabs the spheres once he's outside of the realm, and comes across Mecha Bowser. Mecha Bowser tries to kill Link, but Steve/Mario tells Link he could use the spheres to destroy Mecha Bowser. Link throws the Spheres into Mecha Bowser causing him to malfunction, but he throws even more fire at Link. Link thows Steve/Mario into Mecha Bowser. Mecha Bowser gets controlled by Steve/Mario, but then Tails comes in and blows up Mecha Bowser. Mecha Bowser is destroyed and so is Steve.

Rosalina and Lubba wake up Steve/Mario in his true form. Rosalina says that she would reset the timeline, and prevent this from happening again.


The game got mostly moderate reviews. It was a surprise comeback, but the the game play was apparently the same clunky controls in the original Erased Memories.

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