Sadly, Erased Memories 5 will be the last in the Erased Memories series. It is devolped by Phoniex Circle and is for the V. The game's online paly stays the same like Erased Memories 4, but only four people can play an dhtey have to be different chacaters.


Eggman and the other dark matter villans head towards the Mushroom kingdom. The kingdom is on flames, and Zypher is still in the Castle! "Steve" goes in. He saves the baby, but dies from smoke.

The toads take the body, and try to go to the other side of the Mushroom Kingdom. Too bad. The mushroom kingdom is flat like a block. Everyone falls off landing in Hyrule.

Nobody lost their memory, but "Steve" is still dead. Luckily, according to a radom villager, there is a life potion in the Darkness Cave. They must go in and fight the giga Goomba.

From here, you choose a chacater. The giga Goomba boss takes 5 hits before dieing.

They get the life potion and bring back "Steve". He tells them they must find out who is the king and queen of Hyrule. In order to that they need to sneak in.

Meanwhile, the dark matter villans explode. They've done what they need to. Kill "Steve".

The gang has sneaked in. What? Zelda and Ness are the King and queen?

Ness spots them. They are put in jail.

Litle P had not gone with them. When he hears his friends are in jail, he helps them out. They escape. They find a rocket ship and escape back to the mushroom kingdom.

Meanwhile "Star" and Tails with their new child, find out about "Steve" and the others. They go to Hyrule to find them.

Sonic and Shadow are looking for Tails. They get hit by a Coconut. Which blasts them to Hyrule.

Tails finds Shadow and Sonic, who have lost their memory. Sonic thinks his name is "Blur" and Shadow thinks he's "Shade".

Tails and "Star" find another ship. "Blur" and "Shade" get on as well. They go to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Tabuu laughs.

Free Mode

It's the same Free Mode from Erased Memories 4, except now you can make your own worlds and let others play them.


Gamestop:9.9 Nintendo Power: 10 Phoniex Nest: 11/11

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