Erased Memories 4 is the forth game made by Phoniex Circle. For the first time, the entire game is online. While playing, you can meet other players online. You can also play as a V Mii.


Litle P goes around the castle,before finding a cloning machine. He pulls to the gang, and they clone themselves.

Meanwhile on Hyrule, Zelda and Ness have built up their army. They plan to attack the Hyrule Castle. Zelda and Ness kill the queen and king and take their place.

The Eyes go to the Mushroom Kingdom. "I will stop this madness." says the Eyes.

The Eyes attacks. "Steve" and his clones get ready. Megaman and Daisy Woman charge their megabusters. "Jon" and "Kate" get in a tank. Link jumps in the air, flings the sword at the eyes. The Eyes close the Eyes. He knows what will happen.

Link and the others go back, except "Steve". "Steve" sees that the eyes are made of Dark Matter.

The Krystal lands. Tails and "Star" hop out. They find a empty Kingdom. They go live there.

Soon "Star" has a baby. She names the baby Ciel.

Browser, Eggman, and other villans have their bodies stored in the Dark matter universe. Their corrupted bodies awake. They go in a rocket ship heading towards the Mushroom Kingdom... TO BE CONTIED IN THE LAST GAME.

Free Mode

Free mode allows you to play any level with any chacater including NPCs and Bosses. It's like a sandbox. This is where you can play with your V Miis. It's also online, so you can play with your friends.


Erased Memories 4 had gotten mixed reviews. Some said it was too short. Some said it was too easy. Others said they loved the new online play. Gamespot gave it a 9.5, while Nintedo Power gave it a 10. Phoniex Nest gave it a 10/11.

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