Erased Memories 3 is the third game in the Erased Memories series. It is made by Phoniex Circle for the V.


The Star Fox ship falls to the Sonic planet. Krystal looses her memory and everyone else on the ship is dead. She thinks her name is "Star" Tails meets "Star" and Tails falls in love. Tails goes to find things that he can make a ring for. When he does, Eggman attacks! Tails beats up Eggman, and his machine explodes. Tails makes it, but Eggman dies. "Star" marrys Tails and they rebuild the ship.

"Zelda" and the rest of crew find the ship. They make friendly relations. However, neither of them know that "Zelda" and the crew shot them down.

"Steve" greets the crew back. He takes the ship, and is about to go to the Sonic planet to make friends, but then goes lands on the Megaman Planet. The ship crashs and Dr. Wily rebuilds him. Roll falls in love and marry each other.

In a dark universe, a pair of eyes laugh. His plan is working.

Roll and "Steve 2.0" go back to the Mushroom Kingdom. "Curb" and Starfy are dieing by a virus. The doctor thinks he might have the cure, but it needs to be found in less than 2 mintues. "Steve 2.0" goes out to find the cure: a turnip. He finds it easily with his robo powers.

"Curb" and Starfy live. They say that there are other worlds that are a bit strange. They think that they should vist them. "Steve 2.0" goes to a planet called Castle Street. Whats amazing is, these look Pokemon but they talk and have age. He walks around and greets the Pokemon. He leaves, but a little Pichu hangs on the ship. He says: "Wook at me! Wook at me!"

When the land, the Pichu says his name is Litle P. He asks where he is. They answer "Mushroom Kingdom."

"Gee, This bigger than Cweffa's castwe!"


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