Erased Memories 2 is another crossover game by Phoniex Circle. It is multi-genre and is made for the V.


Kirby was walking through Dreamland before notcing a green sticky puddle. The puddle slowly pulled Kirby in, and Kirby was gone.

Meanwhile back at the Mushroom Kingdom, Link and "Zelda" (who is really Peach, but had mind wiped out during Erased Memories.) have a baby. "Zelda" is sent to the hospital to get her baby out. They do get it out, and name him Zephyr.

Ness wakes up. His mind is blacked out. He only remembers that he was fighting, but cannot remember anything else. He falls dizzy again and lands up in Hyrule.

The real Zelda finds him. They both have their memories cleared from fighting. They team up to go find the person who fought them.

Kirby lands up in Starfy's world. Kirby loses his memory, and calls himself Chub. Starfy and "Chub" go on a quest to find "Chub's" memory.

Meanwhile, back at the Mushroom Kingdom, Daisy Woman and Megaman find out Browser has learned about different planets. He plans to marry a different girl, and take over the planet.

"Steve"(Mario.) goes into a rocket, and is shot down by Browser. Browser kdnaps Rosalina, and make her Lumas into his minions. Then he brain washes Rosalina.

"Steve" ends up in Hyrule. He is greeted by Ness and Zelda. He is suddenly attacked by Ness, who blasts him to the planet where Browser is brainwashing Rosalina.

"Steve" saves Rosalina. The Lumas are free. Browser's mind is blacked out. He dies, and his body goes in a black hole, forever gone.

"Steve" takes Browser's ship, back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

"Chub" and Starfy find a rocket ship. They go to Hyrule.

Zelda and Ness form a army. They are starting to like each other, but cannot marry, becuase Ness is too young. Ness and Zelda see a Rocket ship. It crashes and Stafy and "Curb" just so happen to have a Age Cube. They need to collect 7 of them in order for it to work. The Cubes are everywhere around in Hyrule. Finally Ness is old enough. They marry.

"Steve" and everyone else back at the Mushroom Kingdom learn about what has happened. Daisy Woman, "Zelda", and "Jon" go into the ship. They meet the Starfox crew and attack. Fox lands on another planet... TO BE CONTINED IN THE NEXT GAME.

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