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This is a RPG game created by Phoniex Circle for the V.Made first by Jesseroo, but then was, well, abondoned. I give him credit.


It's a strange blizzard at the Mushroom Kingdom. All the sudden it... vanished. The castle still exists and the toads wake up to find out: their mind is blank. They don't know who they are and why they are here.

Mario lands up in Onett. Luigi ends up in New Pork City. Peach falls into Hyrule.

In Norfair, Samus gets hit by green lava. Suddenly she goes to New Pork City.

Mario Story

After landing in Onett, Mario changes his orveralls, thinks his name is "Steve", and joins the Sharks becuase his mind wiped out and need someone to help recover his memory. The sharks find him and ask if he would to join them. They cuase trouble before Ness comes. Ness attacks, and the Sharks are all knocked out except "Steve". "Steve"'s gameplay is RPG. The boss is Ness.

Peach Story

Peachs lands hard in Hyrule, also getting her head wiped out. During the fall her hair turns brown. The townspeople think she is Zelda and Peach thinks so too.

Link saves her from falling off a tree one day. They fall in love and get married. Peach's gameplay is RPG like "Steve's". The boss is the real Zelda.

Luigi and Samus

They both land hard on their head, also getting no clue who they are. Samus thinks her name is "Kate" and Luigi thinks his name is "Jon". "Kate's" armour falls off and "Jon" falls in love. A marrigage cermony is done a few days later. One day later and Pokey attacks. Gameplay is RPG, and boss is Pokey.

Daisy Story

Daisy falls head first into the Megaman world, and Dr.Light recreates her. Megaman thinks she's pretty and askes if she would marry him. They get married, but during it, Dr. Wily takes Daisy away. Megaman fights to the bitter end to get his love back.


Finally everybody lands in the Mushroom Kingdom, with their couples. They live in peace, dued to fact that "Zelda" is already married.

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