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Threat of Antasma is the campaign for the game, Epic Warriors. The main villian in this storyline is Antasma, the main villian in the game, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Antasma is planning a conquest of the universe, but one hundred of the universes’ most valiant heroes, the Epic Warriors, are planning to save the universe from Antasma. The story‘s design works similarly to the story of Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Subspace Emissary. There will, however, be dialogue involved to make the story flow more easily. By playing through the campaign, every character can be unlocked. At the end of each chapter, you will be informed of who all has joined the Epic Warriors during that chapter.

Part 1: Another Dreamless Sleep

Chapter 1: Mushroom Kingdom Conquered

Luigi sat on the edge of the fountain in front of Princess Peach’s castle. “Huh, it’s never this quiet around here,” Luigi pointed out. He stood up and looked up at the castle. There were no signs of motion in any window. Suddenly, he saw a familiar looking airship appear from behind the castle. On the ship‘s deck was Bowser and Bowser Jr., as well as Peach and Mario, both in cages. Luigi gasped. “Bowser!” He exclaimed. “Wow, typically your attacks are super extravagant be literally everyone notices.” Bowser cackled. “That’s the beauty of this attack! My minions ransacked the whole kingdom and imprisoned all the people living here. I’ve finally conquered the kingdom!”

“You won’t get away with this,” Luigi shouted from the ground to the ship. “Mario will...oh, wait.” Mario facepalmed within his cage. “Then I‘LL stop you!” Luigi shouted. Bowser cackled again. “Nice try, greenie, but you’ve already lost.” He raises two fingers, and out of the castle ran a whole bunch of Goombas. “Get him!” shouted Bowser. Luigi raised both fists, ready to fight them off. (Stage 1: Kingdom Grounds)(Playable Characters: Luigi)

Upon victory, Luigi wiped a bead of sweat off of his brow and looked up to where the airship was. But it was gone. “Dang it!” Luigi shouted. “That was cheap!” He could see the ship in the distance and ran off towards it. (Stage 2: Kingdom Grounds)(Playable Character: Luigi) After a long run, Luigi found Yoshi sleeping against a tree. He kicked him awake. “Mario’s been kidnapped, Yoshi!” Luigi shouted. “I need your help!” Yoshi, still groggy with sleep, stood and allowed Luigi onto his back. The two rode off towards the airship in the distance.


Chapter 2: Crisis in Kanto

Chapter 3: Gravity has Fallen

Chapter 4: Dream Land’s Demise

Chapter 5: A Paperweight Peril

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