Epic Waluigi: Kingdom Crisis
Series Epic Waluigi
Age Rating(s) Everyone 10+

Epic Waluigi: Kingdom Crisis is an action-adventure/platformer game released for the Nintendo Switch. It is the first game in the Epic Waluigi series, and it is a cross between 3D platforiming and action-adventure. It has a chapter-based story structure similar to the Paper Mario games, with each chapter taking place in a different location.



Due to the events of Mario and Kirby: Star Rod Mayhem, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser are absent from the Mushroom Kingdom for the time being. This allows Nario, the main villain of Epic Waluigi, to easily conquer both the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Kingdom, which sends both kingdoms into chaos.


The game starts with Wario and Waluigi watching TV. They turn to the news channel to see a report on how Mario, Luigi, and Peach are missing. This report is rudely interrupted by a piece of debris falling through the roof, crushing the TV. A chunk of the debris hits Waluigi on the head, and knocks him unconscious. Wario, who is angered by the destruction of his TV, angrily runs outside to see what's going on.

Prologue: Peach's Grasslands

Waluigi eventually wakes up. He finds himself sitting in the remains of his house, which has been destroyed. Somehow, though, Waluigi was not harmed. He gets up and explores for a bit, and finds a sword laying on the ground. He picks it up, and soon notices that all that he can see has fallen into an apocalyptic-like state, with a huge, dark cloud swirling above Peach's Castle. Waluigi decides to head to the castle wih his new weapon to try to make sense of the situation. This is the moment when the player gets control over Waluigi.

Aside from a few enemies, Waluigi doesn't have much trouble making his way through the grasslands, the now-abandoned Toad Town, and eventually, the castle. Upon entering Peach's Castle, Waluigi runs into a Mario look-alike, but this look-alike has red eyes and a black hat and shirt, along with white overalls and an "N" on his hat. This odd fellow introduces himself as Nario, and assumes that Waluigi came to defeat him. Nario quickly tells Waluigi to not bother to defeat him, as Nario says he is much more powerful and intelligent. This angers Waluigi, who attempts to strike a blow on Nario with the sword. This attack fails, and Nario counterattacks, sending Waluigi flying off into the distance. As he is flying in the air, Waluigi swears his revenge.

Chapter 1: Waddlewing Mountain Range

Waluigi wakes up, and finds himself on a high-up mountain. He spots a village on a lower part of the mountain, and makes his way to it. On his way down, he is attacked by many Waddlewings, who are seemingly mindless. His climb is also interrupted by mysterious tremors, seemingly coming from nowhere. He eventually makes it to the village, which is inhabited by friendly Waddlewings. These residents are completely unaware of the situation at Peach's Castle, and are only concerned with the mysterious tremors, why their Waddlewing friends have suddenly turned against them, as well as why the elder of the village has mysteriously dissapeared. Waluigi doesn't care about their problems, but says he does so he can continue going down the mountain.

Upon reaching the base of the montain range, Waluigi is confronted by a large, old, and angry Waddlewing, who is actually the Waddlewing Elder. The elder attacks Waluigi, and a battle ensues. Waluigi emerges victorious, and defeats the Waddlewing Elder. Upon his defeat, however, he got back up, but this time, did not seem evil. Instead, the elder thanks Waluigi for "freeing him", and flies back to the village. Waluigi shrugs it off and continues his trek back to Peach's Castle.

Chapter 2: Bumpy Hillside

Waluigi finds himself in a field of hills after leaving the mountains. He can now see Peach's Castle in the distance, whose swirling cloud of darkness has gotten bigger. Unfortunately, the hillside has been invaded by mech-ified Bob-Ombs that have been blowing up the hills. Waluigi manages to stay in one piece, and eventually finds a small makeshift village of Toads, who are all battered and bruised. Waluigi spots Toadsworth among the group, and asks him about the current situation. All Toadsworth knows is that Peach's Castle has become too danegrous for a regular being to go near, meaning that Waluigi is not able to reach the castle safely. 

With this newfound information, Waluigi decides to continue venturing forth to find more people, and hopefully, more information on the current situation. After exploring for a bit, Waluigi sees a large city, covered by a black cloud and protected by an expansive wall in the distance. Waluigi finds this odd, as there was never a city there before. Waluigi decides to head towards this mysterious new city so he can find out about it. Upon reaching the gates to the city, Waluigi is confronted by a gatekeeper, who is King Bob-Omb. He explains that after the collapse of the Koopa Kingdom, he managed to find a job guarding the entrance to Stormcloud City. Waluigi is denied entry into the city, and the two get into a fight. Waluigi wins, and is granted access to the city.

Chapter 3: Stormcloud City

Upon entering the city, Waluigi quickly realizes that this isn't a regular city, and not just because of its sudden appearance. The whole sky is covered by a dark cloud, and the city is split into two noticeable sections: The first part is broken down and gloomy, while the other is lit up by thousands of neon signs, along with noticeably better buildings. Waluigi also notices that a large tower on the rich side has a huge sign of Wario on it!

Waluigi quickly heads towards the large central tower. After making it through the violence-ridden poor side and the shady rich side, Waluigi reaches the central tower, where he runs into Wario. Wario explains how he was knocked out by debris and found himself in this city, which he quickly made his own. Waluigi, who is very impressed, asks Wario to come along with him on his adventure. Wario is reluctant at first, but Waluigi manages to convince him to join the quest. But just as the two are about to leave the city, a shady-looking robot named ROB-EVL-RCH appears, and attempts to stop Waluigi and Wario from leaving. As it turns out, Wario signed a contract with this robot that said Wario could own the city, but he would not be allowed to leave. This contract also says that a breaking the rules of the contract would lead to "the termination of the breaker". While Waluigi and Wario are unable to defeat ROB-EVL-RCH, Waluigi happens to point out a contradiction with the "termination" part of the contract, as another part of said contract says that neither parties can harm each other. ROB-EVL-RCH is unable to compute this contradiction, and explodes out of a data overload. This allows Waluigi and Wario to move on. From this point onwards, the player can now choose to play as Wario.

Chapter 4: Shimmershine River

After leaving Stormcloud City through a back door, Waluigi and Wario see a large battlefield ahead of them, with an active war going on between what seems to be a split Bowser's army. It would seem like there'd be no way to pass, but fortunately, there is also a river nearby with a ship in it named "S. S. Shimmershine". This ship has been firing cannonballs at the city wall in an attempt to get in, as they were curious about it, but they have not even made a dent. Wario manages to strike a deal with the ship's crew, offering them special access to the city in exchange of money. While the ship's crew lacks money, the captain of the ship, Koopirate, offers his knowledge instead, as he somehow knows about Nario's plan. He tells Waluigi and Wario that Nario plans to use Peach's Castle and Bowser's Castle as two energy hotspots so he can gather enough energy to destroy the galaxy and remodel it in his image. Koopirate also tells that Nario has already succeeded in converting Peach's Castle, and the Bowser's Castle is next.

Upon hearing this, Waluigi asks if Koopirate can transport him to the other side of the battlefield via the river. Koopirate agrees to this request, and they set sail on the S. S. Shimmershine. As they sail down the river, the ship is constantly bombarded by attacks from the nearby battlefield, but Waluigi, Wario and the ship's crew manages to hold off the attacks, both by firing cannoballs and tempoarily jumping onto the battlefield to fight the attackers up close. The ship eventually reaches the end of the river, but before Waluigi and Wario can leave the ship, they are caught off guard by a telekinesis-wielding Goomba named Telekinoomba. This odd Goomba attacks the Wario Bros., sending them flying onto the battlefield. A battle against Telekinoomba and his army ensues, with the S. S. Shimmershine backing Waluigi and Wario during the fight. Our heroes eventually win the battle, and Telekinoomba is shot into the distance by a cannonball. For some reason, Telekinoomba's army is confused after the battle, as if they don't know what's going on.

Waluigi and Wario thank Koopirate for his help, and get ready to leave. But before they can, General Guy, who was leading the other army on the battlefield, runs to the Wario Bros. and apologizes for the previous attacks towards the ship, and thanks them for defeating Telekinoomba. General Guy then explains that a large portion of Bowser's Army has gone crazy and turned against the other army members. Waluigi suspects that this is the doing of Nario, and quickly heads off towards Bowser's Castle with Wario.

Chapter 5: Mechanical Clock Tower

After leaving the battlefield and walking for a few minutes, Waluigi and Wario come across a huge lake conencted to Shimmershine River. Wario notes that this is odd, as there was never a lake here. Plus, there's a tower sticking out of the lake, and a lot of people are gathered around it. The Wario Bros. go to the lake an dask what's going on, and a Toad explains that there was once a tall clock tower here, but Shimmershine River mysteriously overflooded it, and somehow made the metal platform the clock tower rested on sink so far down, only the tower's roof is visible. Even worse, somebody is trapped at the bottom of the tower!

Waluigi and Wario don't care, so they walk away, but the Toad pulls them back and asks if they can save the trapped person. At first, the Wario Bros. refuse, but after the Toad offers to pay them, they accept the task. But before thet can enter the tower via the roof, they need to cross the newly-formed lake, which is somehow filled with whirlpools. Waluigi and Wario end up having to go back to the battlefield, and ask General Guy to blast them to the tower with his cannon. He agrees, and launches the Wario Bros. to the tower. Wario punches a hole through the roof, and the two enter it.

The clock tower is overrun by water and enemies, but Waluigi and Wario manage to make it to the bottom. At the bottom of the tower, they find none other than Captain Toad, who has been stuck inside a crate for days. Captain Toad thanks the Wario Bros. for saving him, and the three start climbing back up the tower. But before they can do so, a large tentacle comes out of nowhere and smashes through the wall and hits Waluigi, Wario and Captain Toad, sending them flying into the lake. They rise to the top of the lake and quickly climb onto the roof for safety. Right after, the aquatic creature that attacked them rises to the surface, and is revealed to be Gooper Blooper. But he's changed a bit, as he now wears a large top hat, and the tops of his tentacles have been replaced by rocket launchers. A fierce battle soon takes place between our heroes and the steampunk-ized Gooper Blooper. Fortunatel, Waluigi and Wario manage to defeat the beast. But despite this, Gooper Blooper fires one last rocket at the base of the tower as his dying action, sending the entire tower, our heroes and himself flying into the air. While Gooper Blooper is flung far, far away, the tower lands on solid ground near the lake, and Waluigi, Wario and Captain Toad are saved from an untimely impact by bystanders. Before leaving, the Wario Bros. ask the bystander Toad for their money, who gladly offers them a thousand coins for saving Captain Toad. The duo accepts the offer, takes the coins, and resume their quest to get to Bowser's Castle.

Chapter 6: Vast, Vast Tundra

Part One: Steam Boulder Field

As Wario and Waluigi return to their journey, they discuss the sudden encounter with Gooper Blooper, along with all the other weird events. They being to ponder is the situation is more dire than they thought. But before they can think on this any further, a large boulder falls from the sky and lands right next to them! This prompts the two to look around, and they quickly realize that they've walked into Vast, Vast, Tundra, a tundra famous for its expansiveness, and abundance of steam and electricity. But, electrified boulders are being propelled into the sky by steam geysers! Normally, Waluigi and Wario wouldn't care, but the steam geysers are slowly getting stronger, and the shocking boulders could be launched all across the kingdom, therefore possibly harming the duo on their journey! This convinces them to find the cause of these geysers. 

After exploring the large tundra and narrowly escaping falling boulders, Waluigi and Wario come across a sign pointing to two twin volcanoes. But these aren't ordinary volcanoes, as they don't spew lava. These two volcanoes are known as Mount Sonambo and Mount Carriagrand. The former is mysteriously plugged up, while the latter is producing the boulders that are plaguing Vast, Vast Tundra. Waluigi is quick to note that judging by the shapes of the volcanoes and plug, you can easily tell that the wrong volcano is plugged up! The two head off to Mount Sonambo, in hopes of fixing it.

Part Two: Twin Tundra Volcanoes

Upon reaching the base of Mount Sonambo, Nario suddenly appears in front of Waluigi and Wario. Waluigi immediately tries to attack, but fails once more. Nario says that he is impressed with how far Waluigi and Wario have come, and admits that he now sees them as somewhat of a threat. However, he also says that the duo won't be going any further, and summons an indestructible Tox Box to trap them where they stand.

Waluigi and Wario attempt to break out of their prison, but fail miserably. Wario then suggests that they dig their way out. After digging for a while, Waluigi and Wario dig through Mount Sonambo, and find themselves inside the volcano's base. It's a lot bigger on the inside, and very humid as well, with some passive magma. The Wario Bros. make their way up the volcano, venturing through it. They eventually reach the top, and find a sauna! There's a few people in it, and they tell Waluigi and Wario that they were relaxing a week ago, but the top of the volcano was mysteriously plugged up, and they've been stuck in the sauna ever since. The Wario Bros. are clueless as to what to do, so they give up and take a soak in the sauna. But unfortunately for them, they unknowingly stepped into the barred-off section of the sauna, which is deadly hot! Waluigi and Wario immediately jump high into the air upon contact, and hit the volcano's cork. The power of their jump is so strong, the cork is blasted off Mount Sonambo! This lets the steam flow out of the volcano's mouth normally, and stops the steam geysers from building up.

Waluigi, Wario, and the cork are sent flying high into the air, before landing right above Mount Carriagrand. The cork is reunited with its mountain, stopping the flow of boulders, while the Wario Bros. get trapped inside the volcano. The interior of Mount Carriagrand, while lacking magma, is much more rugged and dangerous than Mount Sonambo's interior, as well as containing many rolling boulders! Fortunately, there is an exit at the bottom of this volcano, so Waluigi and Wario make their way to it. After scaling down the mountain, the two find the exit. But before they can leave, they are stopped by Boss Brolder, who has abandoned his magma ways, and has harnessed the power of lightning. The electrified Boss Broulder prevents the duo from leaving, causing a battle. Waluigi and Wario manage to defeat the sentient boulder, but before they can leave, Boss Broulder explodes upon his defeat. This sends a wave of electricity to the ground, which shatters it, sending the Wario Bros. plunging below.

Chapter 7: Candlelit Lowlands

Part One: Candlelit Caverns

Waluigi and Wario land in a cavern after their fall. This cave turns out to be a large network of wide, brightly lit tunnels called Candlelit Caverns. Unfortunately, it is a mess, and very hard to navigate. After exploring the caverns for some time, Waluigi and Wario come across a store run by a Monty Mole. The Wario Bros. ask the Monty Mole how to leave the caverns. The Monty Mole offers the duo a Star Pipe, which he says will get them out of the cave. Waluigi buys the Star Pipe, and goes in it with Wario.

When they come out, they are unfortunately not out of the caverns, but are now in a crystallized part of it, with many gems and crystals. Waluigi and Wario quickly pocket as many gems as they can, place a makeshift sign on the cavern wall claiming it as theirs, and then continue searching for an exit. They soon find one, and leave the caverns.

Part Two: Candlelit Manor

When the Wario Bros. exit the caverns, they find themselves in a small and dead forest, with a huge mansion nearby named Candlelit Manor. However, the manor is in ruin, and overrun by a battle going on, both inside and outside the mansion. Waluigi and Wario quickly realize that this whole area is in a small, yet deep valley, and the only thing high enough to provide an escape is the mansion up ahead. The duo quickly heads towards the manor, in hopes of escaping the valley. They soon reach the seven-floor mansion, and are forced to fight their way through it to get to the top.

When they reach the fourth floor, they encounter Professor E. Gadd, who had come to the mansion to see if there were any ghosts, but ended up getting caught up in the battle. The trio decide to work together to escape. They eventually reach the roof of the mansion, but as they are about to jump off the roof and onto normal ground, King Boo suddenly appears in front of them. He explains that the entirety of Candlelit Lowlands is his summer villa, and that he's angry because Waluigi and Wario stole gems from it. They get into an argument, which leads to a fight. With the help of E. Gadd, the Wario Bros. win the fight, and King Boo retreats. This allows the trio to finally leave Candlelit Lowlands.

Chapter 8: Cloudy Rainforest

Part One: Jungular Fogway

Waluigi, Wario, and E. Gadd make it out of Candlelit Lowlands. E. Gadd thanks the Wario Bros. for their help, and quickly departs to his lab. Waluigi notes that Bowser's Castle is not too far off, but the cloud of darkness has gotten bigger. The duo quickly head off, but soon reach a large, tall, and overgrown rainforest filled with beautiful flora and not-so-beautiful Piranha Plants, almost like a jungle. Wario remarks that this is odd, as there was only a small patch of trees here before.

Since the mysterious new rainforest is blocking the path to the Koopa Kingdom, the duo has no choice but to make their way through it. This rainforest also happens to be foggy, making it a bit harder to see. The Wario Bros. venture through the jungle, and eventually find a garagntuan, unrealistically tall beanstalk right in the middle of the seemingly endless rainforest. Waluigi and Wario decide to climb up this beanstalk in hopes of escaping the rainforest.

Part Two: Sky-High Beanstalk

The climb up the beanstalk is long and dangerous, but Waluigi and Wario continue on, anyways. The two eventually get high enough to get a great view of the kingdom's landscape, and its apocalyptic state. But more importantly, Waluigi notices that the cloud of darknes above Bowser's Castle is almost as big as the one at Peach's Castle. After seeing this, the Wario Bros. quickly consider jumping off the beanstalk and onto the other side of the rainforest, but are stopped after seeing that a massive fault in the ground has emerged right in front of the side of the rainforest facing the Koopa Kingdom, splitting the kingdom in half! Waluigi also realizes that the fault is slowly getting bigger, and that the ground below them is getting loose. The two realize that at this rate, the whole kingdom will collapse upon itself! Waluigi and Wario realize that they need to hurry up, or the whole kingdom will be destoyed. It's up to them now.

Eventually, Waluigi and Wario get close to the top of the beanstalk, but before they can reach it, a creature flies towards them and violently shakes the beanstalk. Waluigi and Wario try to hold on, but lose their grip. Fortunately, thay land on a large leaf right below them. As they come to their senses, the creature that shook the beanstalk descends onto the leaf. The beast is none other than Petey Piranha, who is seemingly mindless, moreso than usual. Plus, Petey has grown a pair of wings, and has even harnessed the power of ice! Petey quickly attacks the Wario Bros. just as they get back on their feet, starting a battle. Waluigi and Wario manage to win the battle, and Petey is knocked off the leaf, and plummets down to the massive fault below. The Wario Bros. watch Petey fall down, and then go back to climbing the beanstalk.

Chapter 9: Dusty Temple Dunes

Part One: Sandstone Sky Shrine

After the battle, Waluigi and Wario soon reach the top of the beanstalk. Upon reaching the top, they realize that they've climbed so high, they can see space! But they quickly forget about it, as they realize that they've reached some sort of floating sandstone paradise, which seems to be completely deserted. The duo explore these mysterious grounds, and after some seriously tough platforming, they stumble upon a large temple. They go inside to find a crystal ball sitting on a pedestal. Waluigi rubs the crystal ball, and a hologram of Rosalina appears!

This hologram explains that she is Rosalina speaking to them from the Comet Observatory. Waluigi asks about the situation in the kingdom, hoping that Rosalina can give him and Wario a definite answer to what the hell's been going on. Rosalina explains to them that Nario took over the kingdoms so easily because Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser are currently in a different dimesnion, and have no clue about what's currently going on in the kingdom. Rosalina tells the Wario Bros. that she attempted to get in contact with them several times, as they were the next best people to take down Nario, but the energy being generated from the two castles was too strong, and this temple is the only place high enough for her to be able to contact them. Finally, she explains that all the weird occurances (A city out of nowhere, a huge fault suddenly being formed, etc.) are because of the vast amount of energy Nario has concentrated, which is distorting the kingdom's reality, and that these occurances will only get worse and worse as the energy builds up. Unfortunately, the conenction is myteriously interrupted, and the hologram disappears.

After hearing what Rosalina had to say, Waluigi and Wario come to the conclusion that, alongside the kingdom collapsing physically, the energy buildup will collapse the kingdom dimensionally. This is the moment when the two finally, truly realize how big of a task this journey truly is. After a moment of feeling heroic, they realize that they have no way of crossing the massive fault safely, as this temple is floating right above it. Waluigi and Wario decide to explore the temple grounds, and look for a possible way to cross the gap. In a stroke of luck, they find two Question Blocks, both containing a Cape Feather. The Wario Bros. finally have a way of crossing the gap, and use the feathers to heroically fly to Bowser's Castle.

Part Two: Warzone Desert

Waluigi and Wario successfully cross the fault, and continue to head towards Bowser's Castle. But soon after crossing the fault, they are both hit by a cannonball, lose their Cape forms, and plunge to the ground. The Wario Bros. land in a pile of sand, which breaks their fall. Upon getting up, they see that they've fallen into a desert (As well as being dangerously close to the fault), with an active war going on unlike anything they've seen before, and unlike the situation at Shimmershine River, they have no way to bypass the warzone. Their only option is to cross through the battlefield. Fortunately, however, the Koopa Kingdom is now in plain sight.

The duo have a hard time making it through, and are constantly pelted by attacks between the two armies fighting. Waluigi suspects that unlike that battle at Shimmershine River, both sides seem to be mindless, as opposed to only one. This suspicion is confirmed when he and Wario find Bowser Jr. in a cave. When the Wario Bros. first enter the cave, they find Bowser Jr. crying in the corner, as he's scared, powerless and confused. Waluigi manages to calm down Bowser Jr. in a fatherly fashion, and asks him what's been going on with Bowser's Army. Bowser Jr. explains that after the disapperance of his dad, "a weird guy who looks like Mario" (Nario) infiltrated the castle. Bowser Jr. had attempted to fight Nario, but was defeated, and got flung out of the castle. He landed inside the cave and was knocked out upon impact. When he woke up, the battle was already going on. Wario then asks if both sides of the ongoing battle are mindless. Bowser Jr. confirms this, as he explains how neither side followed his commands when he tried to rally them. Waluigi thanks Bowser Jr. for confirming his suspicion, and heads back outside with Wario. Bowser Jr. considers helping the Wario Bros., but takes a nap instead, as he's tired.

The trek through the battlefield is hard and long, but Waluigi and Wario eventually reach the end of the desert, and Bowser's Castle is in sight. But before the two can cross the bridge that connects the desert to the Koopa Kingdom, a large creature rises out of the sands. This creature is Chompokey, an odd fusion of a Pokey and a Chain Chomp. This creature attacks the Wario Bros., leading to a battle. The duo manages to defeat Chompokey, sending it flying into the lava below the bridge, allowing Waluigi and Wario to finally enter the Koopa Kingdom.

Chapter 10: Koopa Kingdom

Part One: Bowser's Badlands

Waluigi and Wario cross the bridge, and finally reach the Koopa Kingdom. But they aren't at Bowser Castle yet. First, the Wario Bros. need to cross through Bowser's Badlands, a large and cruel field fileld with sharp mountains, deadly volcanoes and gushing lava. Waluigi quickly notes that the cloud of darkness above Bowser's Castle has become the same size as the one at Peach's Castle, which could possibly mean that Bowser's Castle is no longer safe to enter! The two quickly head off to the castle after making this realization, in hopes of being able to enter it safely.

Waluigi and Wario make their way through Bowser's Badlands, which proves to be very tough. But the duo perseveres, anyway. As they venture through the badlands, they have to face many enemies who, no surprise, have gone crazy, as well as Dark versions of enemies summoned by Nario. In addition, Nario has also created many trials, slowly increasing in difficulty, that test the skill of the Wario Bros.

Despite these challenges, the Wario Bros. make it through, and reach Bowser's Castle. By the time they reach it, the caste is a most completely surrounded by the cloud of darkness, with only an opening in front of the door, which is slowly shrinking. But before they can enter, a large creature rises from the lava moat below. This monster is King Magmaargh, the guard "dog" of Bowser's Castle, and is hellbent on killing Waluigi and Wario. A battle quickly ensues, and unlike the other battles, the duo has a time limit due to the shrinking hole in the darkness cloud. Against all odds, Waluigi and Wario manage to defeat King Magmaargh, and enter the castle before it's too late.

Part Two: Bowser's Castle

Upon entering the castle, the door is suddenly locked behind Waluigi and Wario. Soon afte, they hear a loudspeaker annoumcement by none other than Nario. This announcement tells the Wario Bros. to give up getting through the castle, and then addresses the Koopalings, telling them to "get ready". The announcement then ends, and the two realize that they have to face the Koopalings as well, seemingly under the control of Nario. This prompts the duo to keep their guard up for potential ambushes.

This caution serves them well at first, as the castle is filled with nasty tricks and traps, moreso than usual. This leads Waluigi and Wario to theorize that Nario sees them as a threat, boosting their ego and making them let their guard down. This ego boost doesn't cast long, though, as they are soon ambushed by Larry, and then Wendy, Lemmy, Morton, Iggy, Roy and Ludwig, each fough in their own battles with different mechanics. The castle gets tougher and tougher between each battle, with a battle against all seven Koopalings ensuing after they are all defeated individually. Waluigi and Wario manage to defeat the Koopalings, and they are sent flying out of teh castle upon defeat.

The two eventually reach a large, tall and spacious room, with only a pit of lava seperating them from a large, purple door. But, something rises out of the lava. This is no creature, however. It's a robot, who looks a lot like Mario. Nario makes a loudspeaker announcement towards Waluigi and Wario, saying that they are doomed. He explains that he stole the robot from "an old guy" and made is own modifications. The creation is revealed to be Robo Mario DX, a modified version of Robo Mario. This oversized robot fight Waluigi and Wario, who just barely manage to defeat Robo Mario DX. The robot sinks back into the lava upon defeat, with only his cap resting above the lava, now acting as a brridge. Waluigi and Wario use the cap to cross the lava pit and enter the large door.

On the other side of the door is a staircase leading to the upper part of the castle. However, unlike what came before, this area is more castle-like, complete with a living room, bedroom, and even a bathroom! But the main attraction is the throne room, a large hallway leading to Bowser's throne, with none other than Nario sitting on it, slowly clapping. When the Wario Bros. enter the room, Waluigi immediately runs to attack Nario. Nario prepares to dodge, but much to his surprise, Waluigi lands a hit right on his arm! The two have a small pushing match until Nario manages to push off Waluigi. Wario then demands that Nario explain what is going on, to which Nario agrees. He explains that while some have gone crazy by choice, most of the mindlessness has been caused by the large concentration of dark energy. This was the perfect for Nario, who could charge up the dark energy without a rebellion starting against him. But, he explains that a select few survived the apocalypse, specifically calling out Waluigi and Wario, calling them "pests". Waluigi is angered by this insult, and prepares to land a hit on Nario, who simply grins and snaps his fingers. A large boom is heard outside, and the Wario Bros. quickly go on to the balcony opposite of the throne room to inspect it. They see that the cloud of darkness previously shrouding the castle has been concentrated into the mouth of a giant Bowser head statue on top of catsle, and a beam of dark energy is being shot out of said conecntration to an unkowm location. As Waluigi and Wario observe this, Nario runs behind the two, shoves them to the ground, and takes off to wherevr the beam is firing with a Cape Feather. Waluigi and Wario quickly get up and start searhcing for a way of going after Nario, and soon stumble upon a dock on top of the castle filled with airhsips. Waluigi and Wario take one of the airships, and chase after Nario.

Grand Finale

Part One: Airship Chase

Waluigi and Wario chase after Nario with the airship, following the beam of dark energy. The sky is very stormy, with lightning striking everywhere, and the clouds tainted dark red. The ground below is beginning to fall apart, as the now hypermassive fault is starting to take effect. As the Wario Bros. sail across the skies, Nario summons many Dark foes and obstacles, much like the ones in Bowser's Badlands, to stop them. Waluigi and Wario fight these obstacles through their airship journey using the variety of weaponry onboard. As they sail above the lands they previously journeyed across, they have to dodge attacks from below, which have somehow made it up to the sky. As they fly forwards, the bombardement of attacks gets worse and worse, but the two manage to pull through.

Upon reaching the skies of Shimmershine River, the lightning has gotten worse, and a lot more stormy. Waluigi and Wario can now finally see where the beam of dark energy is going to: The very top of Stormcloud Central Tower, in Stormcloud City. They also notice that a second beam of dark energy is being fired at the tower, presumably from Peach's Castle. But before they can reach the tower, Waluigi and Wario are stopped by a gargantuan, sentient, and evil cloud, known as Fusilade Storm Puff. This hyper Ruff Puff, and his minions, give Waluigi and Wario a battle unlike anything they've seen before. But fortunately, the Wario Bros. manage to defeat the evil cloud. But as a last act of evil, Fusilade Storm Puff launches himself into the airship, destroying it and sending Waluigi and Wario flying into Stormcloud City.

Part Two: Stormcloud Central Tower

Waluigi and Wario land in Stormcloud City, right in front of Stormcloud Central Tower. They get up and see that the whole city is falling apart at the seams. At this point, Waluigi and Wario can only assume that Nario is at the top of the tower. They decide to go up the tower, in hopes of stopping Nario. They don't have much at this point, but they are kingdom's only hope. Upon entering the tower, Waluigi and Wario see that it's infested with very strong Dark enemies and obstacles. To make matters worse, the elevator is broken, meaning that the Wario Bros. have to scale the 100-story tower by foot. Upon making this realization, Wario attempts to run off, but is pulled back by Waluigi, who tells him that they've come too far to give up. Wario notices that Waluigi seems more heroic than usual. Wario sees that Waluigi has some sort of passion burning in his eyes, as if he's no longer doing this whole thing to exact revenge for an insult, but to save the kingdom. Wario asks about this, and Waluigi comfirms Wario's suspicions. Waluigi explains that while he's still fuming about the insult from his first encounter with Nario, he says that throughout his journey, he's realized what it truly means to be a hero, and how much is depending on him. Unfortunately, Wario isn't too convinced. That is, until Waluigi says that he wants to save the kingdom so all the money isn't destroyed. This make Wario happy, and he rejoins Waluigi in their quest.

Scaling the tower is challenge unlike any other. Each and every floor is infested with Dark enemies, waiting to pounce on Waluigi and Wario. In addition, every 10th floor has a rematch with a weaker Dark clone of the previous bosses from the game. But despite these trials, Waluigi and Wario manage to make it up the tower. Upon leaving the 100th floor and getting on the roof, they see that the beams are actually firing to a high-up platform above the roof. As the tow woder how to reach it, two blazing fast Dark Bullet Bills are spawned by Nario, and are headed right at Waluigi and Wario! But before they are hit, the Dark Bullet Bills are blasted away by a regular Bullet Bill. Waluigi and Wario wonder how this happened, and turn around to see Cappy and Tiara aboard the Odyssey L-Type, with a Bullet Bill Launcher!

Cappy asks if our two heroes are Waluigi and Wario, to which they respond yes. Cappy then tells them that he doesn't have time to explain who he is and where he came from, as the kingdom is quickly collapsing. Instead, he offers to take Waluigi or Wario up to the roof. But unfortunately, due to the intense winds and energy, the Odyssey L-Type can only sustain two beings while traveling through the chaotic weather above. Wario quickly opts out, leaving Waluigi to be the one to go to the top. Tiara gets off the ship, and Waluigi boards it. Cappy then sets sail, bringing the Odyssey L-Type to the high-up platform.

Part Three: The Final Battle

Cappy and Waluigi make it through the intense winds, and reach the platform to see Nario standing on it, observing the sky. Waluigi jumps off of the Odyssey L-Type, which Cappy then brings back to the tower. Waluigi lands on the platform, which leads Nario to turn around, and see Waluigi. Nario tells him that he didn't expect him to come this far, both complimenting and scoldig him on his persistence. Nario then says that he's willing to give Waluigi a fight, saying that he'll surely lose. Waluigi laughs, and a battle commences. Unfortunately for Waluigi, however, Nario was right. Waluigi is unable to harm Nario, as he has an indestructible shied around him created by the chaotically high concentration of dark energy.

After fighting for a bit, Nario declares that he's wasted enough time, and uses a special attack to chop Waluigi's health down to a single point, making Waluigi collapse to the ground.. Nario laughs, saying that there was barely a battle in the first place. Nario nabs Waluigi's sword, and uses it to kill him. But before Nario can strike Waluigi, the Odyssey L-Type soars into vision, with Cappy on it, as well as Mario on it, who's wielding the Star Rod. Mario fires a beam of enegry from the Star Rod to Nario, which breaks is shield and makes him collapse to the ground. Waluigi manages to get up to see Mario waving at him. Mario tosses a Mushroom to Waluigi, healing him. He also tosses the Star Rod to Waluigi, telling him to use it to defeat Nario. The Odyssey L-Type then soars back to the ground. Waluigi picks up the Star Rod, and points it towards Nario in a heroic fashion. Nario gets up, and is visibly annoyed by the prescence of the Star Rod. Waluigi attacks Nario, resuming the battle.

With the power of the Star Rod, the tables are turned entirely. After a long battle, Waluigi finally manages to defeats Nario, whittling his health down to one point. Nario collapses on the floor upon this happening. He then gets up, dazed and unable to stand properly, wobbling from side to side in a drunken manner. Nario slowly edges towards Waluigi, and tries to swing the sword at him. Nario's attack fails miserably, and Waluigi immediately counterattacks, swooping behind Nario. Waluigi then strikes Nario, sending him flying into space. Waluigi then does a victory dance, boasting about how the tables have been turned, as at the start of his journey, Nario had sent him flying with a counterattack, but now it's Waluigi who had done so to Nario.

Part Four: Ending

Waluigi's victory dance doesn't last long, though, as the kingdom is beginning to return to normal. This means that Stormcloud City is startng to disappear! Before Waluigi can get a chance to react, the platform collapses, and Waluigi is sent flying to the ground. Fortunately, he is caught by Wario, who's on the Odyssey L-Type with Cappy. The ship descends to the ground, and lands at the back wall of Stormcloud City, right in front of Shimemrshine River. There, they find Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Tiara watiing for them. Upon landing, the group cheers for them (Except Bowser, who just claps). Mario personally congratulates Waluigi and Wario on their victory and successful journey, saying that he underestimated how heroic they really are. Waluigi appreciates this compliment, but tells Mario not to get too comfy with him. Wario doesn't say anything about the compliment, as he is too busy lamenting the loss of his city, which has completely disappeared.

Soon after, all the good people Waluigi and Wario encountered in their journey show up, as they were wondering what was happening at the tower, and how the kingdom had healed so quickly. They see Waluigi and Wario, and assume that they had saved the day. These people come running, and pick up the Wario Bros. and throw them into the air, cheering for them. While Wario is still angry, Waluigi is as happy as can be, as people are finally appreciating him, which is what he always wanted.


After watching the credits, you return to the game as Waluigi, in front of Peach's Castle. The kingdom is now normal, and you can explore it in a non-apocalyptic state. There are also many challenges scattered across the kingdom, called Star Trials. Once the Star Trials are completed, a pipe opens up at Peach's Castle, which leads to the game's final challenge, a huge shrine in space known as the Epic Star Palace. Overcoming it will reward you with the Star Car, a car that allows Waluigi and Wario to cruise through the kingdom and smash into stuff in a comedic way.

You can also interact with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser. The first 3 can be found in Peach's Castle, while the latter is in Bowser's Castle. You get to have conversations with them, and find out cool Mario trivia. There are also two new locations that can be visited: Wario's House and E. Gadd's Lab. In Wario's House, you can use a Jukebox to listen to the game's soundtrack, and play minigames that call back to Mario's past. When you go to E. Gadd's lab, the professor himself is waiting for you. He gives you a special device which he says has "an aunknown function", and he wants the Wario Bros. to test it. When they use it, they are teleported into the past, to when they met Cappy and Tiara atop Stormcloud Central Tower. This actually turns out to be a recreation of the apocalyptic kingdom, recreated from the memories of Waluigi and Wario.This allows the player to still explore the pre-ending Mushroom Kingdom, and teleport between the real kingdom and the memory at will. There is also a more intense version of Nario's fight waiting for you on the final boss platform, made to test your skills.


Epic Waluigi features gameplay that is a cross between 3D platforming, very similar to that of the 3D Mario games, and action-adventure combat. Each chapter differs in how open it is, but there is always a more or less set path the player must follow to progres through the game.  There are two set objectives in each chapter: Main Goal and Secondary Goal. The Main Goal is the eventual goal that you are working towards (Ex.: Reach Peach's Castle), while the Secondary Goal involves the short-term goal of each chapter (Ex.: Climb down the mountain).

Both Waluigi and Wario have many abilities. Their 3D platforming abilities are similar to those found in Super Mario Odyssey, save for the moves involved with Cappy.  There are also three new platforming moves: Buddy Jump (Involves jumping off of the head of the other character/player), Super Buddy Jump (An improved version of Buddy Jump), and Ledge Jump (Involves a far jump when hanging off of a ledge). The player can also switch between the 2 character at will. When only 1 player is playing, the character not being used will act as a CPU ally.

As for combat, Waluigi and Wario differ greatly. Waluigi uses his sword to attack, while Wario uses his brute strength. Each chapter up until Chapter 5 unlocks a new move for Waluigi and Wario, with these new moves being neded to progress through the chapter. These new moves' unlock chapters will be shown in the tables below by (ChX), with "X" being the chapter number.


Epic Waluigi supports two Joy-Cons, the Pro Controller, and Handheld Mode.

Action Controls
Camera Control NS R Stick to move around, NS L Button or NS R Button to reset
First Person View Click NS R Stick to entier view, tilt NS R Stick or move controller to look around, press NS L Button or NS R Button to reset
Ground Movement
Action Controls
Walk Tilt NS L Stick slightly
Run NS L Stick
Crouch Hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button
Crouch walk Hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + NS L Stick
Roll Hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + tap NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller
Hops, skips, and jumps
Action Controls
Jump NS B Button or NS A Button
Double Jump While landing from standard jump, press NS B Button or NS A Button
Triple Jump While landing from double jump, hold NS L Stick and press NS B Button or NS A Button
Backward Somersault Hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + press NS B Button or NS A Button
Side Somersault While running, move NS L Stick in opposite direction + NS B Button or NS A Button
Long Jump While running, hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + tap NS B Button or NS A Button
Wall Slide Jump against most vertical surfaces
Wall Jump While the character is sliding down a wall in midair with his hand planted, press NS B Button or NS A Button
Ground Pound In midair, tap NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button
Ground Pound Jump During ground pound impact, press NS B Button or NS A Button
Dive In midair, tap NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button twice in quick succession
Buddy Jump (Ch3) Jump on top of the other character/player, press NS B Button or NS A Button upon impact
Super Buddy Jump (2-Player exclusive) A player must first perform a Buddy Jump, and the other player must press NS B Button or NS A Button when the first player makes contact with their head
Ledge Jump Tilt NS L Stick forwards + press NS B Button or NS A Button when hanging on a ledge
Waluigi's Attacks
Action Controls
Slash NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller
Double Slash NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller right after a Slash
Triple Slash NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller right after a Double Slash
Epic Slash NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller right after a Triple Slash
Dash Slash (Ch1) Run + NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller
Upward Tornado (Ch2) NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller in midair
Sword Tug (Ch3) Hold NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller when a "!" command bubble appears
Quick Block (Ch4) Press  NS ZL ButtonNS Y Button or NS ZR Button + NS X Button when an enemy is about to attack
Spinning Kick (Ch5) Quickly rotate NS L Stick in two circles, then press NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller (Attack lasts for 3 seconds)
Wario's Attacks
Action Controls
Punch NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller
Kick NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller after punching twice
Jump Kick NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller in midair
Sweeping Kick

NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller while crouching

Shoulderbash NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller while running
Corkscrew Conk Jump in the middle of a Shoulderbash
Ground Slam NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller after pressing NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button in midair 
360° Punch (Ch4) Quickly rotate NS L Stick in two circles, then press NS Y Button or NS X Button or flick controller (Attack lasts for 3 seconds)
Wild Swing-Ding (Ch5) Press and hold  NS Y Button or NS X Button near an enemy or grabbable object, then quickly rotate  NS L Stick to spin around. Let go of  NS Y Button or NS X Button to throw the object.
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