Epic Story II is an 16-bit RPG and is the official prequel to the game Epic Story on Project Stargaze. The game is set to release on December 12th, 1991. This time the game tells the story of a hero named John who must end a war by creating order in the world.


The full canonical story was told in the guide book, and this is what it said word for word.


John was a warrior. He grew up with lions, and was always the toughest guy around. If there was ever a daring quest, John was asked to do it. John has always had a glove with him, that is very special to his heart. He believes the moon gifted it to him for him to do great things. However, after a while, at the age of 33, John just wanted to settle down, as he was planning to start a family with his wife, Mary. Seeing as he had defeated most evil in the world, he decided he could finally settle down for the first time in his life. And so, he built a church with his own two hands. This church was known as the Church of the Moon. He wanted it to be a peaceful place, in which people could admire the moon, and worship it for the good deeds it has done to the planet. The only members of the church so far are John, his wife, and the 2 kids John rescued from the beast of suns: Sabar and Zeke. They were brothers, Zeke being older than Sabar, and John rescued them from their father, who was corrupting their minds, by preaching about the goodness and warmth of the sun. Zeke and Sabar are both wolfs, that can stand up, wear clothes, and do anything a normal human can do. In addition they can float above ground slightly. John basically considered them family at this point, however he is worried that Sabar's older brother Zeke still believes in the darkness, however he is not sure since Zeke never speaks. John is expecting a baby sometime soon, and it is the middle of the winter.


  • John is not Jake



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