Warning: Don't ask who any of the characters are. I hate that! Besides, their battle is getting closer.

Epic Rap Battles of Kirby is an oncoming series made by Kirby Lover7485. These charcters come from Kirby, Despicable Me, Mario, Sonic, Pokemon and more.

List of Episodes

  • Kirby vs. Meta Knight (Season 1 Premere)
  • Margo vs. Princess Peach
  • Luigi vs. Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Lucario vs. Zorark
  • Yoshi vs. Rush
  • Wario vs. Shadow
  • SpongeBob and Patrick vs. Phineas and Ferb
  • Bombette vs. Bobbery
  • Little Mac vs. Knuckle Joe
  • Galleom vs. Dream Stone Soul
  • Link vs. Lyn
  • Hotel Mario vs. Dr. Robotnik
  • Sonic vs. SMG4 Mario
  • Ash vs. Silver
  • Final Battle: Kirby Lover7485 vs. Alexa (Season 1 Finale)
  • Margo vs. Princess Peach 2 (Season 2 Premere)
  • Captain Falcon vs. Samus
  • Kanto Starters vs. Kalos Starters
  • Baby Bowser vs. King Dedede
  • Iris vs. Daisy
  • Edith vs. Knuckles
  • Cilan vs. Waluigi
  • Blue Toad vs. Yellow Toad
  • Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Mario
  • Fang vs. Ninja
  • Mewtwo vs. Darkrai
  • Delibird vs. Chain Chomp
  • Gombario vs. Gombella
  • Obie vs. Flame Man
  • Nyan Cat vs. Elec Man
  • Turbo Man vs. Srike Man
  • Zavok vs. Pikachu
  • Bowser vs. Dr. Eggman (Season 2 Finale)
  • Margo vs. Princess Peach 3 (Season 3 Premere)
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz vs. Cortez
  • Dawn vs. Rosalina
  • Paint Roller vs. Smeargle
  • Bomb Man vs. Mike Tyson
  • Episode 39
  • Episode 40
  • Episode 41
  • Episode 42
  • Episode 43
  • Episode 44
  • Episode 45 (Season 3 Finale)


The music is from Epic Rap Battles of History. In fact, this series wants to be just as good.

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