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Epic Lune is an epic upcoming game by Nintendo, we think, that is based off of or borrows elements from Super Mario World, Brutal Mario, Pokemon Darkness, Kirby Super Star, LOZ: Link to the Past, LOZ: Parrallel Worlds, Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, DKC, DKC2, DKC3, DKEdit, Drawn to Life, Yoshi's Island, Mario RPG, Mario and Luigi, SMB3, SMB2, SMB1, Megaman, Megaman 7, Megaman 10, Megaman X, and Lunar Magic, plus several other games. It is praised as one of the few Fantendo games with Epic in it that didn't get the idea to name it Epic from Disney's Epic Mickey. Additionally, the game will become an SMW ROM Hack with tons of ASM.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Second Player
No Image Yet Dyemand An officer of the DAD. Not much is known. DAD Officer
Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.png Mario The hero of the mushroom kingdom, Mario is unaware of the mysterious plan set in motion by Twyst, only of Bowser's new malicious-ness. Luigi
Kirby-big.png Kirby A star warrior from Popstar's Dreamland. Keeby
Metaknight3.jpg Meta Knight Another star warrior, this one prefers to stay masked up. Galactic Knight
Link.jpg Link The hero of time. This particular Link is from A Link to the Past. Red Link


Image Name Description
No Image Yet Twyst The new villain, Twyst is a ridiculously evil, insane, malicious, devious, cruel, greedy villain that has all the qualities of evil, making him pure evil. His evil tactics vary on his mood, which could change randomly depending on which universe his brain is focused in.
Bowser.PNG Bowser The Koopa King's mind has been manipulated by Twyst to do more evil things than he could ever dream of. Bowser will not only attempt to kidnap the princess, but rather enslave the mushroom race and attempt destruction of the multiverse to aid Twyst's mischevious schemes.
Ganon.jpg Ganon The pig-beast's new plan to retrieve the Dark World's power goes awry when he unleashes Twyst's mind, which ends up giving Ganon a concussion which leads to amnesia. Now Ganon attempts to destroy the only thing he still remembers: Link.
No Image Available My-Nar A lackey of Twyst, My-Nar has inflitrated the DAD and took over the DAD Tower with his Dimension Bombs, fighting members of DAD at a dual to the death on a big titling platform atop the tower.
BoomBoom.png Boom Boom A small commander in Bowser's army, Boom Boom finds something odd with Bowser's new personality, but still wants to help the Koopa King.
No Image Available My-Nar Popopo My-Nar's evil Popopo disguise is intended to copy other Popopo's actions.
Koopalings.jpg Koopalings All the koopalings fought at once? Nope! You fight them in order, as they come out of a locked door. Each one changes the stage to their own preference.
Koopalings.jpg Power Koopalings All of the Koopalings, but this time with different strategies based off the ones from Brutal Mario.
Koopalings.jpg Ultra Koopalings Another battle? Even more all-new strategies!


Each world has you playing as a different character.

Name Description Stages Boss(es) Character
Dimension Gateway The place where all the dimensions can be accessed. A minor breach in security has caused officers to be on guard at all times. DAD Base
Dimension Hall 1
Dimension Hall 2
Dimension Hall 3
DAD Tower
My-Nar (DAD Tower) Dyemand
Yoshi Resort A resort island for Yoshi's. Bowser seems to have attacked the place leaving some of it a ruin. Resort Ride
Yoshi Resort 1
Yoshi Resort 2
Yoshi Switch Palace
Yoshi Resort 3
Yoshi Resort 4
Yoshi Resort 5
Ruined Resort
Ruined Resort Secret
Bowser's Airship
Boom-Boom (Yoshi Switch Palace)
Bowser (Bowser's Airship)
Dreamland The home location of Kirby. My-Nar has inflitrated the area and must be destroyed. Dreamland 1
Dreamland 2
Dreamland Secret House
Dreamland 3
Dreamland 4
Vs. My-Nar
My-Nar Popopo (Vs. My-Nar) Kirby
Hyrule The kingdom of Hyrule. Ganon, who has lost his memory, only knows one thing: kill Link. However, Link also seems to sense something wrong... maybe a portal to another dimension? Hyrule Castle
Eastern Palace
Desert Temple
Tower of Hera
Ganon's Tower
Ganon (Ganon's Tower) Link

Secret Worlds

Secret exits out of some levels lead to secret worlds with little tidbits of the plotline.

Name Description Stages Boss(es) Character Secret Exit Of...
Meta Knight's Adventure A world based off of the adventures of Meta Knight, who sensed something weird with the universal order. Metal Planes
Alloy Cave
Titanium Castle
My-Nar Popopo (Titanium Castle) Meta Knight Dreamland 4


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