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E2-A1 (Epic EEA Announcements) is EEA Inc.'s very own version of Fantendo's F3. Companies will be able to set up booths that will reveal games and info.

Game News

EEA Inc.'s Game News

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Epic EEA Announcements 09 is a part of E2-A1 09.

Any game with this template (see above) is part of E2-A1.

New Games

Swirl-O-Games' Game News

It has been revealed that Orange Yoda will reveal new TOP SECRET games. All will be set to release Fall 2010.

Phoniex Circle

Phoniex Circle said that they would go make another company, and sell Phoniex Circle to an millonare who wanted it. They said that the new company will do movie games.

The new company info will be relesed on Oct 3.

77 Heru's Inc.'s Game News

77 Heru's Inc. has confirmed that 77 Heru's Inc. and Shroobz Inc. will make a Game, about 77 Heru's Inc. character Xero. Also Kingdom Hearts: Heartless Warriors is also planned to be released sometime in 2010.

Red Inc.'s Game News

New 2009 Games

Bold indicates one of Red Inc.'s main projects.

Super Mario Adventures II News

  • Toadette is the new playable character for the game. Oct. 2, '09
  • The Spring Mushroom will be the new transformation item in the game. Nov. 7, '09

Bomb Productions Games' Game News

New Fall/Winter Games

Flame Games' Game News

E2-A1 2009
E2 A1 Logo
Epic EEA Announcements 09 is a part of E2-A1 in 2009
It's made by Flame Games.

Anything with this on is part of E2-A1 this year

Flame Games is making Diaper Duty Baseball Resort with EEA Inc.. It's coming out in 2010. More games will be coming out in the 2010-2012 period.


FOF, Inc's Game News

FOF, Inc is creating a new Mario & Luigi game, with Wario and Waluigi playable, titled Mario & Luigi: Shell Shocked. Mario Kart: Road Rage is also in progress.

Omegaverse Corp.'s Game News

Founder 1337doom has announced a game that may not be affilliated with Omegaverse Corp. but still is cool. It is called, Pipario and Shelleegee and it's system is unknown.



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