The first game in the series. Both the series and the first game are simply known as Entwination.
Developer(s) InukaneYumiko
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) RPG, Action, Magical Girl
Spinoff(s) Aoyama-chan, Aoyama-chan: Shunned!, Aoyama-chan: Dumped! (under development)
First Game Entwination
Most Recent Game Entwination: A Boy and His Crush (under development)
Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone

Entwination is a magical girl series featuring popular characters from Japanese fandoms. They are all 2-dimensional RPG games, and each involve one character somehow getting entwined with another.

List of games

This list includes the 9 Entwination games, and the 3 Aoyama-chan spin-offs. The unfinished ones will be marked so in parentheses.

Name Featured Characters Summary Release Date
Entwination Kagamine Rin, Aoyama Masaya When Kagamine Rin, android popstar diva, makes a wish to get a cello to Rosalina, her wish is mixed up with Momomiya Ichigo's wish to "join Aoyama-kun forever". Thus, Kagamine Rin is entwined with Aoyama Masaya, a generic, tree-hugging Gary-Stu. While dealing with being in the same body, they realize that a murdering plot is afoot, and known as The Games of Foot. This game inspired the Aoyama-chan spin-offs. June 3, 2015
Entwination: Romeo and Juliet Romeo/Kouhai/A Boy, Juliet/Senpai/His Crush A glitch occurs in the 39th game in Everybody's Rhythm Heaven (known to you Americans as Rhythm Heaven Fever), Double Date 2, and causes Romeo (A Boy) to be combined with Juliet (His Crush). Now, they realize that even worse glitches are happening all over the video game world, and it's up to the two to stop them. November 3, 2015
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