Enemy-Tan-Doe Female
130 lbs
19 years old Human?/Catalyst
Enemy-Tan-Doe, the aloof opposite
FULL NAME Enemy-Tan-Doe
POWERS Recall Points

Turning into Energy


Dark Doe
Ms. Enemy

BIRTH LOCATION Shattered Prime
CURRENT LOCATION Whatever universe will let her stay

Nintendo games, coffee, Fan-Tan-Doe, Fire Emblem, mobile games


Recaps, Fan-Tan-Doe, her own creators


Enemy-Tan-Doe is a being created by The Enemy, and one of his last creations prior to being Descended. Intentionally created to give Fan-Tan-Doe a friend so that she would leave their universe alone, Enemy-Tan-Doe is equal in power to her but finds her "friendship" a punishment and wants to do other things with her existence, despite possibly being a time-based cancer that could bring about The Shattering. She was created using Fan-Tan-Doe's blood. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as someone who could bounce off Fan-Tan-Doe during her recap segments in stories. She first appeared in Pink Lemonade in the episode Lift Your Spirits, where she was given no prior introduction. She would later have her origin revealed in the Xenolouge for Days of Victory known as Purple Skies.

Enemy-Tan-Doe is a creation of The Enemy who was created as a means of negotiation with Fan-Tan-Doe, as The Enemy and The Fan believed her very existence could possibly upset the timeline and fracture it, creating the seeds that would lead to another Shattering, which had previously destroyed the old Fantendoverse, known as Fantendoverse Prime. Enemy-Tan-Doe is a fairly aloof character with the same capabilities and powers as Fan-Tan-Doe, but has mostly lost interest in the ongoings of the Fantendoverse and finds Fan-Tan-Doe's recaps to try to inform people annoying. She despises her own existence and creation, seeing it as a punishment to be stuck with the same person perhaps forever.


Enemy-Tan-Doe is a girl with Caucasian skin and red eyes. She has long red hair, which is somewhat unkempt. Like Fan-Tan-Doe, she wears a clipping of a Fantendoverse character on her hair, although only one and it is of Leah Needlenam instead of Unten. She wears a bracer around her neck and wears a black dress with a belt around her hips, as well as a short sleeved red jacket. She also wears red and black leggings with black and red boots. She usually carries around a mobile device which mirrors Fan-Tan-Doe's usage of books, usually playing games on it such as Fire Emblem Heroes or Dragalia Lost, which she gets relentlessly teased for by other cosmic beings.


Enemy-Tan-Doe is a cranky individual who usually has no interest in the ongoings of the Fantendoverse, although is easily distracted and becomes interested if a hot girl or boy or other alien creature she happens to find attractive is mentioned or involved in the story that Fan-Tan-Doe is attempting to recap for the audience. Enemy-Tan-Doe does not seem to care about the bosses that she has to appease, usually off doing her own thing in the background, which is usually laying around and playing mobile games on her tablet device.

Enemy-Tan-Doe does not like The Fan or The Enemy, her creators, seeing her situation with Fan-Tan-Doe akin to a punishment she does not deserve. She also seems to dislike Fan-Tan-Doe, but occasionally seems to be much nicer to her or attempts to comfort her if she goes too far with her ribbing. Fan-Tan-Doe seems to have a friendly attitude around her and seems to suggest that she is much nicer off camera and that they may have a sexual relationship. It can be hard to get a real read on Enemy-Tan-Doe due to her existence being mostly outside of the material she appears in, as she acts completely differently when she knows someone is reading about her, being a lot more aggressive.


Days of Victory - Purple Skies

Enemy-Tan-Doe will appear in the Xenolouge for Days of Victory, explaining her origin and backstory.

Pink Lemonade

Enemy-Tan-Doe appears in recap segments for Pink Lemonade starting with Episode 8: Lift Your Spirits, making her real debut here. Her aloof and nonchalant attitude is established here, as well as her liking towards coffee.

Powers and Abilities

Enemy-Tan-Doe has access to the same things that Fan-Tan-Doe does for her powers, being able to go anywhere in time and space through "Recall Points" and even seeming to share a lot of these Recall Points due to being made from the DNA found in Fan-Tan-Doe's blood. She can use these memories as part of her attacks as well, as well as attack and use eldritch beings. Her abilities make her a grave concern for most cosmic deities, who keep her and Fan-Tan-Doe trapped in a small pocket dimension.

Due to her abilities being the same as Fan-Tan-Doe's, she is often called a "Echo" of Fan-Tan-Doe. Enemy-Tan-Doe hates being known as Fan-Tan-Doe's echo and occasionally works on her own techniques to try and shed this reputation.

Specific Abilities

  • Recall Points - A unique Catalyst power Enemy-Tan-Doe shares with Fan-Tan-Doe has is to summon things from her memory. She can only summon things she has experienced personally- other people telling her about a memory will not work.
  • Cracked Snap - Enemy-Tan-Doe snaps her fingers and creates a tear with her fingers that she then seals closely. This tear can hurt people severely and could possibly create a fracture if Enemy-Tan-Doe didn't involuntarily always seal the tear after opening it.
  • Eclipse Kick - Enemy-Tan-Doe kicks forward with her foot, with blue and black energy pulsing from it, which keeps the opponent to the ground but unable to move, allowing her to build up a lot of damage onto her still opponent.
  • Eldritch Flight - Enemy-Tan-Doe jumps upwards with her wing, doing a weak flight upwards as her wing deals damage to those nearby. Fan-Tan-Doe cannot really fly that much with her one wing, if at all.
  • Flooded Return - Enemy-Tan-Doe puts her hand to the ground as a green tentacle springs from the bottom of the stage, dealing damage to people nearby as it twitches and shakes across the stage before going back into the ground.
  • Character Clipping - Enemy-Tan-Doe, like Fan-Tan-Doe before her, can equip character clippings that allow her to change her stats. She has only ever been seen with the Leah clipping, so it's unknown if she has more or how they effect her attacks.
  • Tick Tock - Enemy-Tan-Doe unleashes a giant clock that acts as a shield that stops projectiles. The glass door on the front of the clock can swing open to hurt opponents as well.
  • Tick Tick - Enemy-Tan-Doe can summon a black clock that explodes into a black hole.
  • Zip Point - Enemy-Tan-Doe can turn herself into a small energy ball and zip across the air and return to her normal form.
  • Eldritch Pillar - Enemy-Tan-Doe generates a tentacle tower from the ground to ascend upwards.
  • Fantasmastic! - Enemy-Tan-Doe summons a white orb with a red eyeball in the center that spits out Red Energy attacks that bounce off surfaces.
  • Kolatzu Sphere - Enemy-Tan-Doe rolls a red sphere that twists and contorts, letting out green energy. The sphere and energy do damage.
  • Nocturne of the Shattering - A devastating move where Enemy-Tan-Doe recalls the Shattering event, being able to recreate the effects on a floor or wall. This takes a lot of energy out of her and she should never do this if she cannot seal it after she is done, as it will destroy the universe she's in.



Fan-Tan-Doe is her friend and a subject of hatred for Enemy-Tan-Doe, often having a somewhat conflicted relationship due to their situation. Enemy-Tan-Doe seems to have no interest in her passion for the Fantendoverse and usually interrupts to tell Fan-Tan-Doe that nobody cares about what's she's talking about or other usually mean remarks. However, this is really only half of their relationship, with Enemy-Tan-Doe seemingly to be a lot nicer off-camera according to Fan-Tan-Doe.

The Enemy

Her creator, who she despises for creating her. After learning he was descended by Unten during Days of Victory, Enemy-Tan-Doe grows respect for Unten, even though the two have never even met before.

The Fan

Enemy-Tan-Doe has basically no connection to The Fan, but hates him anyway because he wanted to bargain with Fan-Tan-Doe to stop coming to their universe and possibly doom it, which led to the creation of her.


  • Enemy-Tan-Doe was not originally planned prior to being created for Pink Lemonade, but was added into the script to give Fan-Tan-Doe someone to bounce off. Her name was also temporary, but it was kept as it made it the most clear as to what her relationship was with Fan-Tan-Doe.
  • Enemy-Tan-Doe's red color is both a representation of how she is more or less the opposite of Fan-Tan-Doe as well as the fact she was created with Fan-Tan-Doe's blood. This again, is a mirror of how The Fan and The Enemy use Unten's blood to create a Beorn at the end of Days of Victory. It's like poetry. It rhymes.


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