Emoshos Rush is a spinoff of the Emoshos series and the first Eoshos game for the 3DS.It is not an adventure game.It's an arcade game.

Emoshos Rush
Emoshos Rush The boxart.
The 1st spinoff
Developer(s) Something Cool Studios
Publisher(s) Kirbybot-3000
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Arcade
Series Emoshos
Predecessor Emoshos:Rise of Cruelty
Successor Emoshos 2:Bravery and the Magial Fruit
Release Date(s) 2017
Age Rating(s) Rated E

It is ONLY Singleplayer.

The Game

In the game you are running on an endless path.You will jump over obstacles and fight enemies as you run.A boss might appear too.The main goal of the game is to survive and upgrade your characters.There are 12 charaters you can play as,with special moves.You will also see powerups.

Enemies & Obstacles

 Image Name Powers Rarity to find
Spikee Can impale your character and hurt him/her.Immune to jumps. Common
Ballee Nothing. Very Common
Wingy Can fly down and attack. Common
Spike Pit
Spikes Obstacles that hurt players Common
Fsh Can squirt water. Very Common
Mossy Hides in the grass.Then jumps out. Uncommon
Goldee A gold Spikee which gives you LOADS OF MONEYZ Extremely Rare
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