Emoshos:Rise of Cruelty is the first game in the Emoshos series.Meaning everything is basic.It will be released for the WiiU in 2016.The game

Emoshos:Rise of Cruelty
Emoshos Rise of Cruelty
The first Emoshos game.
Developer(s) Kirbybot-3000
Publisher(s) Kirbybot-3000
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Emoshos
Predecessor N/A
Successor Emoshos Rush
Release Date(s) October 4th 2016 (Japan)

November 13th (Worldwide)

focuses alot on multiplayer purposes,because pretty much everything is multiplayer.



Emosho Land is a nice place full of friendly creatures called you guessed it:Emoshos.The land is filled with magic and silly things thet are nonexistant to the naked eye.Like spiders with tiger claws!One day,Bravery,an Emosho,was saying hi to the townsfolk.The people were acting strange.They beat up Bravery!Later,his girlfriend Cheerful helped him."Things are getting cruel today."said Bravery.Just then, a purple cloud stormed the town.The lovebirds ran for heather.They then went to Moody and Angry's houses.They needed their help to stop all the cruelty happening.So our 4 heros set off to save their town.

Playable Characters

Image Name Card Info Abilities
Bravery Fast and strong.He's the main character. Punching,Throwing,Jumping High
Cheerful The love of Bravery and a ranged machine Shooting Bubbles,Throwing Bombs,Floating
Moody She is moody and sad.Yet she loves to fight. Creating Fog,Summoning Brambles,Poisoning

Angry This portly dragon loves to burst in flames! Breathing Fire,Flying,Igniting his Butt



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