Emerald BoB
Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Prima
Genre(s) Fighting, RPG
Release Date(s) 13th July, 2012
Media Included 3DS, Prima Cards/ Wii U Disk

Emerald BoB is one of the four extension packs that Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows has. This one is called Emerald BoB, due to the fact that the protagonist of this pack is Alex, the Emerald Bracelet. This one will be available for Nintendo Prima, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and will be released the 12th July of this year.


New Golden Bracelet

Alex is boy that found a Golden Bracelet in Boltonia City while he was playing badminton. He wore it and became the Emerald Bracelet. But suddenly, a girl that looks her enemy appear. She's Areusa, the Dark Grey Bracelet. Alex has to fight her (Lv. 5) to protect Deryn's life. After that, Alex decides to go to train around the world. It's your turn. The first city that you can visit is Killa Ville, at the east of Boltonia City, where you can get your first Icon. When you arrive to Killa palace, you can bet the first icon by defeating Kyle there (Lv. 8).


The amount of character is notably smaller than in other games, but the player can send all the characters that don't appear in BoB 2 to said game.

Playable Characters

That's the list of characters that can be used in Emerald BoB.

Character Description Abilities Weapon


(Emerald Bracelet)

He is the main hero of this story, the Emerald Bracelet. He will try to get the Icons of his country to go to the SFT. Invisibility Chaos Ax


(Silver Ruby)

She is the best friend of Alex. She got the Silver Ruby while chasing Alex. Foam Form Lotus Staff


(Silver Saffron)

She's other Alex's friend. She is a person really happy, kind, sweet, funny,... but a dangerous rival in any battle. Frozen World Tear Palm


(Silver Mint)

He's other of the friends of Alex. He is unsociable and doesn't have a good humour. But Alex can count on him when he needs help. Tekkai Sand Sword


(Dark Grey Bracelet)

One of the Dark Beauty Trio. She is the first rival that Alex had. Her intentions aren't the best... Climate Change Flowerang


(Shadow Azure)

He's Areusa's apprentice. With this character, the secondary version of Dark Bracelets appears: the Shadow Bracelets. Hell World Hell Leg


(Dark Indigo Bracelet)

The new Dark Bracelet. He will help Areusa to control the Emerald Bracelet. Edge Form Shadow Scythe


(Shadow Cream)

He is other Shadow bracelet that helps Areusa. He will soon find some kind of hate to Ted. Blood Form Imperial Sword


(Silver Aquamarine)

Water Form Love Gun



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