Emboar Dream
Emboar, the power-hungry villain.
BIRTHPLACE Pokémon Island (Volcano area)
CLASS Villain

Emboar is the main antagonist of the Darmanitan Slam series. In the first game of the series, he disguised himself as a Kyurem and had some Legendary Pokemon steal the island's Berries for him. In the end, however, Darmanitan defeated him and took the Berries back.

Starting in Darmanitan Slam 2, he commands the Pig Party.


Emboar is a very sinister Pokémon. He is a ruthless villain who is not afraid to threaten the lives of other Pokémon. He is selfish, as he stole all of the island's Berries for himself. He also had six Legendary Pokémon and Excadrill do the work for him. He takes pride in his immense strength, which surpasses Darmanitan's.

Emboar also has sharp wit and sarcastic humor. However, he lacks common sense. He basically let Darmanitan defeat him in the end of Darmanitan Slam by not acting quickly enoughto stop Darmanitan from pressing a special switch. The Mega Fire Pig Pokémon is cockly and often gets overconfident.

Powers and Abilities

Emboar has posession of amazing physical strength, which surpasses Darmanitan's. He can attack without using any of his special moves and still deal a lot of damage.

Emboar's signaure ability is Flamethrower. He will either shoot a fireball or a continuous stream of flame. Red fireballs go very fast but are easy to doge. A blue fireball homes in on a target, but it travels slower than a red fireball. Emboar's other ability is Poison Jab, where one of his arms glows purple and he swings the arm at the opponent. Because Emboar is quite clumsy, his Poison Jab move can be dodged if Darmanitan is not too close to him.

The Mega Fire Pig Pokémon also has amazing jumping prowess. He can jump six times higher than Darumaka, who can jump slightly higher than Darmanitan. After leaping, Emboar plummets back to the ground, and when he lands a shock wave releases from his feet. This is his Earthquake move.

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