Elone is the head of Ordon Village in The Legend of Zelda: Sounds of the Shadows. Early on in the game, he is rescued by Link, and gives him permission to go into Faron Woods to kill Gohma. After it is destroyed, Elone shows his gratitude by giving Link the Hero Tunic, as he can see that Link is the Hero of Time's descendant, destined to protect Hyrule for eternity through many reincarnations.

Later on, after Harud casts the Shadow Spell on Hyrule, Elone is one of the last people left in Ordon Village, along with Guth. When Link visits, he leads Link through Faron Woods, and into the hidden Light Shrine within the Forest Temple, to recieve the Master Sword, and remove the curse from Faron Woods and Ordon Village. Eventually, after the nine temples have been activated, Elone contacts Link through the Light Shrine, and gives him power, along with the other eight characters that helped Link activate the other shrines.

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