Elmira is a treecko is the pilot for the snitten army. She as well was once a member but joined markowski into betraying them.


Elmira was taken by the swords of Justice while she was young. When she woke up, she didn't know who was her family and where she came from, even though the swords of Justice were only helping her. They told her that she was in danger and she had to do something.

But what Elmira realized that they were just a vision. When she got out, they warned her that the snitten army was on their way and then she ran away. But she was caught by a mammal and she was taken, along with markowski.

when she was transferred to the snitten army, both her and markowski were abused by lord Natodames.

Then after she overheard that Natodames was going to send elmira and markowski to the pixel universe, they escaped.


Elmira wears a silver striped scarf, a black sweater, airplane goggles and hat, has an eyepatch and sometimes black sclera.


Elmira appeared to be kind and caring when the swords of Justice took her to protect her, but after she got out of the snitten army, she became cruel, aroggant, aggresive and somewhat determined and persistent. She is wild towards men but aggresive towards other women.



Elmira has always set her gaze upon him ever since they met. How cute!

Lord Natodames

Elmira wishes she could kill him for the abusive ways he had with her.

Advu the lopunny

Elmira finds her as an older sister ever since she was taken.

Swords of justice

Elmira forgives them for helping her and protecting her form harm's way.


"Hello? Anybody here?"

"The swords of Justice?"

"I'm in DANGER?!"

"I gotta get outta here!!"

"Hey! Let go of me! Stop!!"

"Markowski!! Markowski, where are you?!"

"H-hi, Advu. I'm elmira."

"You can trust me! I am an expertise pilot!"

"Oh, shut up, nightmare!"



  • Elmira usually is cruel towards other women because when markowski is with one, she thinks he's cheating.
  • Elmira shares the same voice as lioness.
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