Ellie the Elephant is an Animal Buddy that first appeared in the SNES platformer Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. She had the ability to suck up water and shoot it out or suck up barrels and throw them. Ellie has a fear of Sneeks in this game. If there was a Sneek under a light she couldn't go under the light. If the Sneek looked at Ellie, she would turn around and run. Ellie reappered in the Game Boy Advance remake of DKC3 and in the background of the Japan only Donkey Konga 3 and her latest appearance was in the wii racing game Donkey Kong Racing.


Donkey Kong Racing

Ellie appeared as one of the land animal buddies in the wii racing game Donkey Kong Racing. Ellie was of average speed and strength but she had high stamina. Her attack was to squirt water at foes which would push them backwards, a skill only she could do. If someone was riding a giant Sneek, she would run away from it either foward or backward it was completly random.

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