Ellie & Chomp (Conquest)
Ellie and her monster pet, Chomp
Symbol 50px
Universe Monster Tale
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Conquest
Official Debut Monster Tale (2011)
Availability Default
Final Smash Winged Avenger
Home Stage Chomp Screen

Ellie & Chomp are newcomers in Super Smash Bros. Conquest who fight together, à la Rosalina & Luma. Though a duo, Chomp does most of the attacking, with Ellie supporting him. Ellie attacks too, just not in the special moves. These two have a slow speed, good jump, average power and low defense. Chomp can switch through several forms to use different specials. He begins in his Foundling form and switches forms each time he uses a Special. If Chomp is already in his Foundling form and uses Foundling, he will do it immediately. However, if he is in Foundling form and uses Acrobat, it will have start-up lag. Ellie mostly uses her bag and Band Blaster to attack, she can also wall grab.

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Ellie and Chomp made their first (and only, not counting this game) appearance in a DS title called Monster Tale. The game was released in 2011, developed by DreamRift, and didn't sell too well. It followed a young girl named Ellie in the Monster World with her monster companion, Chomp. The two set out to defeat the evil Kid Kings and bring the Monster World back to its rightful inhabitants, the monsters. All this while also trying to find Ellie a way home.



  • Neutral: Uses Melee String
  • Forward tilt: Ellie swings her bag
  • Back tilt: Ellie shoots a single blast from her Band Blast behind her
  • Down tilt: Ellie swings her hand down diagonally
  • Up tilt: Ellie uses her Launcher Attack, but jumps very low
  • Dash attack: Ellie rolls forward and swings her bag

Smash Attacks

  • Side: Releases a few shots from her Band Blaster
  • Up: Shoots three Band Blaster shots upward
  • Down: Ellie uses a smaller version of Super Wave


  • Neutral: Ellie kicks forward and punches backward
  • Forward: Ellie swings her bag. This can cause a Meteor Smash
  • Back: Ellie's bag falls off her back, she grabs it and puts it back on
  • Down: Ellie uses Down Smash
  • Up: Ellie kicks in an upward arc


  • Grab: Ellie grabs a foe with her right hand (very short range)
  • Pummel: Elbows the foe
  • Side throw: Ellie and Chomp headbutt the foe
  • Up throw: Ellie throws the foe up and Chomp rushes at them from underneath
  • Down throw: Ellie shoots the foe with her Band Blaster several times

Special Moves

Name Description Type
Foundling Chomp blasts forward surrounded by fire. Neutral
Ravenous Chomp extends his tongue and grabs a foe. He can then carry them around for a short time and throw them. Neutral
Spitter Chomp spits blue fire in front of him. Neutral
Ballista Chomp shoots three blasts from his mouth Side
Glider Chomp rushes forward (does no damage) and creates a chain between him and Ellie made of energy. Side
Scourge Chomp becomes a horizontal pole, damaging foes who touch him. Side
Acrobat Chomp tosses Ellie upward with his tongue. Up
Icarus Chomp tosses Ellie upward with his tongue. This doesn't go as high as Acrobat, but Ellie shoots projectiles in mid-air. Up
Stalwart Chomp shoots bursts of water, one down and one up. The upward one carries Ellie. Up
Repeller Chomp creates a small shield in front of him and Ellie. This protects you from projectiles and melee attacks, but only from the front. Down
Mimic Chomp becomes an enemy and uses their standard attack. Enemy is random (sometimes it can be a character not currently fighting) but Kirby cannot be used. Down
Pixie Chomp tosses Ellie backward, avoiding attacks. This is similar to Zero Suit Samus's Flip Jump. Down
Winged Avenger Chomp flies off-screen, leaving only his head visible. He ducks away and punches across the middle of the screen, then the bottom, then the top. Final Smash


  • Neutral: Chomp flies around Ellie playfully while she spins
  • Side: Ellie feeds Chomp a cookie
  • Down: Ellie looks at the screen and shoots one shot from her Band Blaster
  • Entrance 1: A pink bubble appears and Ellie walks out. The bubble disappears and Elite Gaurd Chomp becomes Foundling
  • Entrance 2: Ellie jumps out from behind a purple wall. Zippy Chomp turns back into Foundling Chomp
  • Victory fanfare: A short, more upbeat, rendition of This New World plays
  • Victory 1: Ellie gives a thumbs-up with Chomp in her bag
  • Victory 2: Ellie swings her bag around with Chomp holding on for dear life
  • Victory 3: Ellie gives Chomp a cookie. He then evolves into his Teen form
  • Loss: Ellie sits on the ground clapping at a slow pace. Chomp, on her lap, claps quickly

Palette swaps

  • Normal
  • Secret colors from Monster Tale
  • Yellow hair, pink dress, white bag, white Band Blaster, red bead (Priscilla)
  • Brown hair, red dress, blue bag, orange Band Blaster, grey bead (Meade)
  • Orange hair, light blue dress, green bag, light blue Band Blaster, purple bead (Zoe)
  • Brown hair, green dress, yellow bag, grey Band Blaster, yellow bead, darker skin (Deanu)
  • White hair, green dress, grey bag, green Band Blaster, dark blue bead (Ethan)
  • Purple hair, brown dress, green bag, red Band Blaster, white bead (Jinx)


Dubthump Dungeons ~ Monster Tale

Official Art

Ellie and Chomp's official art depicts Ellie with her bag ready to be swung and Chomp flying alongside her.

In Trailers

Ellie and Chomp have appeared in no trailers thus far.

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