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Ella Metals and Spaces Between is a upcoming puzzle adventure game briefly mentioned and announced at the Hybrid Expo. It was released the Hybrid Delta, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Immerse in 2014.


You play as Ella Metals in the main hub, a huge grey factory. You can change into many different forms a ball form, a liquid metal form, and a blade metal form, to get through certain spaces. The aim of each level is to push the various sized red button at the end of each level, which will be a portal to the next level. They get smaller as you progress and can be hidden or obvious. Each level will be higher and higher in the factory, once to the top the ship will take off. And a infuriating battle with Caster and enemies will take place.

Navigation can be made with the analouge stick, touch screen or gyrosensor, the camera can be rotated with the D-Pad or just flipped from a 2D to topdown/3D point of view. The camera can be compared to Super Mario 3D Land. A is to jump and B is to change form. Y is to use a item and X is to charge up a attack.

Form Effect How to Get It
Ball Enables Ella to bounce of walls and fit through holes. Default
Gas Gas can be used to sneak through damp walls. Level 2
Liquid Ella is seperated into droplets of liquid to get through small gaps. Level 3
Blade Can slice objects or enemies, or swing on a pendulum to gain momentum to reach high places at high speeds. Level 4
Coil Ella can bounce off of any flat surface, allowing her to fly through the air and ricochet off of walls. Level 5


A new villain called Caster sets a spell on Ella and she awakes as a ball in a silver warehouse. Ella before coming to terms with her new appearance agrees that she must find a way out.


  • All the games animations and graphics are Cel Shaded Toon Style, but is reflected in a negative mood with dark, metallic shiny tones.
  • The games name was suggested by Sorastitch (tbc).
  • The game was criticised for it's simple story.