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Ella Metals
Ella Metals, the metal-moving girl.
ZODIAC ♉ Taurus
Donny Metals (father)
Daisy Metals (mother)
Leila Metals (sister)
Benjiman Metals (brother)
Strafe (husband)
Athene Metals (daughter)
CLASS Crime Solver (No real job yet; apart from an apprentice)
My nerves are made of iron... just as my power is! Calm down or I'll have to punish you!
Ella Metals in Ella-Metals MMORPG.

Ella Metals, Ella "Elle" Mavis Metals, is the main, titular character of the Ella-Metals series. She is a girl from VineVille who has the power to manipulate metals. Like all VineVille inhabitants, she obtained the power to manipulate elements after being exposed to a strange meteorite in the center of the city.

She is the first original female protagonist of Fantendo and has appeared in many Fantendo games ever since.

The character first appeared in Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life! and was originally created by Stelios7 (tbc)


Ella has strawberry blonde hair with a long ponytail but sometimes she can be represented as a redhead. She has a small nose and lips with blue eyes. She wears purple clothes in most of her appearances.


She is a caring, warm and fuzzy girl, with great love to both animals and humanity. She loves to talk with others, but sometimes is incapable of saying "no". She cares much about others, to the point of putting them first, and will do anything to help her friends.

However, she goes crazy when being ignored, since being alone is one of her biggest fears. She lives life to the full, and values life, disposing those who hate it. She hates to be on bad terms with people and always tries to make amends for her mistakes, but is tactful and a bit of a gossip, but knows when to keep a secret. She is more lawful than her relaxed sister. She is willing a desirable.



Ella Metals' parents Donny Parkinson and Daisy Higginbottom had lived in VineVille for sixteen years, where the meteorite at the center of the city, give them the power to manipulate elements. As many inhabitants of VineVille, they learned in school the art of the manipulation of elements until the government cancelled it. They married at a early age, and since the goverment approved surname activity (a surname representing which element you can manipulate), they used the name Metals as their chosen element.

On April 12, their first daughter Leila Metals was born. Then, Ella was born 7 years later, followed by Benjiman Metals, born 9 years after Ella.

Ella-Metal series

In Ella Metals: Run For Your Life!, Ella is starting to use her power and it takes her a while to master moving heavy metal weights. When the biggest wave of crime in years peaks in VineVille, Ella and her friends, Andy Pasta and Lexi Lexan, decide to use their power to defend the city despite having to do so in the authorities back. Doing so they stop a thief group to steal the bank and using explosives.

Two years after the crime wave, Ella comes backs to complete her course with the legendary metal master and owner of the VineVillian money factory, Nicholas Steel. When Nicholas but also Lexi disappear Ella and Andy, now confident in their crime-solving skills, decide to investigate. They discover the Raven Factory, a robot factory, where the employees goes angry after their superior and turns the robots into their minions to steal money to VineVille.

Few years later, her sister, Leila Metals, comes back to VineVille after a tragic incident where she ended her own fiancé's life using illegally her power outside VineVille. At the same time, people of VineVille are acting weird, like puppets, and strange chess pieces are scattered throughout the city. Ella investigates and finds the culprit, Kaisser, a mad scientist obsessed with chess and able to manipulate people. In a weird master plan, Ella is manipulated to dress like the White Queen and to kill Kaisser himself. This is revealed to be his own plan, to free himself and having god-like powers changing VineVille into a chessboard. Ella, Leila, Andy and Lexi then comes together to save their city. They finally defeat Kaisser and his army, bringing VineVille back to normal but Kaisser, despite being unpowered, is, at the last minute, saved by Ella's school rivals, Stella Cassia. Both disappear promising to come back.


After meeting Strafe, Ella gradually builds up a romantic relationship with him who is revealed to be a bountyhunter. Despite their opposites, their bound gets strong enough for them to have a place together, near a beach, on the outskirts of VineVille and to plan a wedding.

One day, when Strafe decided to propose a mysterious fog appeared in VineVille making disappear everything it touched. Strafe became a victim of the fog and Ella had to run away in a boat with other VineVille's survivor. That's where she met Marcus Metal, a young orphan from VineVille that she used to see before. When the fog disappear, Ella finds Strafe again and both of them decided to marry each other but to also adopt Marcus as their son.

For being the greatest hero of VineVille, a school to teach VineVille teens to control their power was named after her, Ella Metals High School.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

During their wedding rehearsal, Ella and Strafe are attacked by an army of ghosts. They both decide to investigate and discover The Shattering, a time disaster where portals and breaches open in all realities.

They join a group of heroes, led by Unten, to fight Clockwarx, the powerful entity behind this universe-threatening event. At one point, Ella is kidnapped by Dr. Philth who gave her a robotic arm enhancing her power. She will be freed by Strafe after Ella uses her new powers to guide him.

During their journey, they come to Leila, she had a direct link with the Shattering, having visions about it. By following her visions, they go to space where they get trapped with no other choice but to fight Clockwarx who is too powerful for them. Clockwarx brings all of them on a journey through dimensions and their own past. The group finally gets free of his power and comes back to their reality to hit Clockwarx with a final blow.

Because of the Shattering, the universe is beyond repair. The Fan and The Enemy, the creators of this universe, come to the conclusion to start again with a new universe which means that everyone will have a new memory and a new life. They still want to thank their hero by giving them some choice in their next iteration.

Strafe then realizes how dangerous he can be in the new universe as he may not learn from his mistakes this time. Strafe decides to not follow Ella, he needs to fix his issue and finds her again. She accepts with sadness and they both kiss knowing that they may never see each other again.

Powers and Abilities

Ella's power is to control any natural or manmade metal, as hinted by her surname Metals. She started at the age of 3, when she bend a Bullet BoB which was about to crash into Andy Pasta. Ella is a shaper in training and has recently been that she is, since the second game, the apprentice of the legendary Nicholas Steel. She uses a device to control metal if she is in a horrible situation, called the Metal Shaper invented by Samuel Think. She can craft metal, mix it, create new items with it, and even more. As the series has progressed, she has been known to move heavier obstacles. This is greatly shown with Full XP in EM3, she can also get a metal sword crafted as the game progresses.

Non-Canon Appearances & Cameo

Ella-Metals Racing

Ella is a playable character.

Ella Metals and Spaces Between

Ella is banished by Caster into The Grey Factory and can change into Gas, Ball and Liquid Metal forms.

Fantendo Smash Bros.

Ella first appears in the very first instalment Fantendo Smash Bros., then she will do regular apparition through the series becoming one of the most frequent addition. Up to Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul she appeared in 16 instalments.

As a fighter, her special moves revolve around her Metal bending power.

Fantendo Kart

Ella first appears in the very first instalment Fantendo Kart, then she will do regular apparition through the series becoming one of the most frequent addition. Up to Fantendo Kart Crystal she appeared in 6 instalments.

In the series, she is usually presented as a Medium-weight driver.

Stelios Scramble

Ella was also one of the three characters you could start the story with in Stelios Scramble. She was the first character revealed.

Ella-Metals vs Battle of Bracelets

Ella is a default character and plays a major role in Story mode along with Aingeru as being their respective series protagonists.

Fire Emblem - Blade of Bolt

Ala to her appearance in the Battle of Bracelets Series, Ella will appear as a character in Fire Emblem - Blade of Bolt with the sword she made from experience in Ella-Metals 3.


Ella Metals was one of the new additions for Fandemonium Season 2.

Hark & Flame

Ella stars in Hark & Flame, more will follow as the show progresses.

Battle of Bracelets Series

Ella appears as the Pink Golden Bracelet. To see more info about her, visit this page.

Disney vs. Fantendo: A Collision of Worlds!

Ella Metals is set to appear in the upcoming crossover 2.5D fighting game as a starter on the roster.


Andy Pasta

Ella was Andy's first (and one of her best) friends, and trusts him deeply.

Lexi Lexan

Ella is great friends with Lexi, and is more open with her feelings to Lexi than to Andy and they enjoy working together due to their excellent chemistry.

Leila Metals

Before she left, Leila was Ella's role model. But Ella has yet to respect Leila as much upon her arrival, but she cares for her as a sister after her car crash and had been slightly concussed. She used to look up to Leila although, Leila played a lot of pranks on her when Leila was a teenager to a young Ella.

Stella Cassia

Rivals since school, Stella and Ella are sworn rivals and are ever locked in verbal wars, until Ella seemingly sends Stella to her horrific death. But she is revived by Kaisser and made immortal, and Stella swears to get her revenge someday.


In Fantendo Olympics, she gradually builds up a romantic relationship with Strafe, a somewhat of a bountyhunter from a town called Noah. Their relationship gradually gets stronger and, in Fantendo - Wounds of Time, they are shown to have a place together, near a beach, on the outskirts of VineVille. They are now married and adopted an orphan, Marcus. Sometimes, when Strafe and Ella are both in battle and helping each other, they may give sometimes a quick kiss each other or hold hands to make a joint attack with their own guns.


Marcus was an orphan from VineVille, Ella used to see him and sometimes help him with his electric ability. He was finally adopted by Ella and Strafe as their child, after Marcus and Ella had to survive together to a fog consuming VineVille.



New Fantendoverse



  • She is the first Fantendo's original female protagonist.
  • She is the mascot of Stelios7 (tbc)'s Hybrid Co., sharing the spot with the old mascot Teardrop.
  • Steel is her primary metal of choice as she likes to prove her powers by using the toughest.
  • Although she wasn't and still isn't intended to be a recolour, YoshiEgg (tbc) designed her off Ella from Mario Golf.
  • Although Ella's IQ is 110, she dislikes mathematics.
  • Ella has her own parodic version in Bella Petals (created by Sorastitch (tbc)
  • In the New Fantendoverse, Ella was "rebooted" as Sakeena Kamel. The creator Helena Harper (tbc) wanted to add more diversity to the regular cast of Fantendo characters that would be the face of notable crossovers.
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