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Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets is a 2D crossover fighting game by Fusion Entertainment starring characters from the Ella-Metals and Battle of Bracelets franchise. This game is for Wii U, Novaya, Hybrid Delta and Nintendo Prima. This game is being made by Stelios7 (tbc) and Alange95 (tbc). It will be released at the end of 2012.


A menacing mysterious machine arose from the underworld, creating a vast hole which separates the two series' worlds. Thus creating a bridge, the two worlds must unite and work together to stop it. The being leaves behind a large part, and he his scaled down slightly but continues to rage on... it stops functioning inside Kaisser's lab, Ella notices some blueprints for it, she knows how to work it. Meanwhile, in a dark palace in the other side of the bridge, Drake and Inferna feel a big dark energy. They noticed that energy is triggered by a legendary machine that woke up. But they know it's necessary a feather from an angel's wing that make it work with all its capacity. They soon think of Aingeru. Some Dark Bracelets goes to the place where the machine comes from. When they find Kaisser, Drake and he makes an alliance to make it work. Little do the heroes know that the robot is being controlled by their own villains. At the moment, the machine doesn't work very well; it hasn't enough energy to work. But the villain alliance knows how to make it work, they just need Aingeru and Ella.

Ella was in VineVille then. She noticed the problem of the hole and telling it to Andy and Lexi. Then, Andy tells her that there must be something to research in Kaisser's lab. But they find there Leila there, hurted by someone different... But suddenly, Areusa appears to fight Ella, but fortunately, Ella could defeat her, despite she finished the battle tired. Suddenly Stella found Ella and trapped her until she gave the plans. Finally, Ella had to give her the plans and Stella went to other place. Andy and Lexi saved her and Leila. In the lab, there were some maps that Lexi got in which it was shown where Kaisser and his new minors were preparing the new plans. Ella was sure that there would be problems with the plans that she had.

Meanwhile, Alex was visiting Aingeru in Montanian Village, but they were surprised by three black knight robots and a scientist controlling them. Kaisser needed the wing so he sent his robots to get the wing, but Alex and Aingeru fought them. Kaisser was oddly happy and he went away but suddenly a person appears on his back and gets one of the wings of Aingeru, he was Garone but he fast ran away. Pablo and Ainhoa appeared to tell why Garone wanted the wing. The Detonator is working again. The Golden Bracelets decide to go to the Dark Palace and fight the Dark Bracelets to smash their plans. They thought Darkreon was the enemy, but he had nothing to do with that, but he told them where they were.

While the four Golden Bracelets were chasing Garone they find Ella and her friends that are also going to the same place... why? When they arrive to a giant temple where Drake and other Dark Bracelets are watching the sanctuary. Ella and Aingeru started to doubt of each other, so they started to fight as each other was the enemy. But suddenly Elena appears and clarify the problem, Kaisser, Stella and the Dark Bracelets are waking up a machine that can destroy the world.

Elena, Leila, Alex and Lexi fought the Dark Bracelets, while the rest went into the main room, where the Detonator and Kaisser were. Kaisser was programming the machine but he stopped to welcome Ella and Aingeru and fight them. Kaisser was easily defeated but the machine started to work perfectly. Pablo, Ainhoa and Andy went to try to stop the Detonator from the control machine and Ella and Aingeru tried to destroy it in a impossible fight. The first moments were terrible, any of the heroes could damage the Detonator even a bit. But that machine hit Aingeru and fell down. It was going to crush Aingeru when Ella run to him and saved him while she sacrified her life. Aingeru was aware of what was going on and his fury made him use powerful attacks that were damaging that machine.

In that moment, Andy learnt how to stop the Detonator. He could make that machine less strong and resistant. So Aingeru took advantage of that situation and could destroy the machine. But suddenly Stella appeared and attacked Aingeru, making him fall on the floor, pretty hurted. But a weird presence appeared there, it was a spirit that went where Ella's corpse were. That spirit condensed a bracelet that Ella wore then. Ella was alive again and her bracelet showed a strong pink light. Just with an attack, she beated Stella and saved Aingeru.

After the fight, Ella, her friends and the Golden Bracelets met in the gate of the sanctuary. They all were tired and decided to come back home and rest. Aingeru knew that a new Golden Bracelet had appeared and kept it as a secret. The Dark Bracelets came back to the Dark Palace where Darkreon punished them for disobeying his orders. And Kaisser and Stella, gave up. Now they had to prepare another chess match in which they were sure that they would win.


Story Mode

The mode where the player can live the story of Ella, Aingeru and their friends. In this mode, the player can get new characters.

Survival Mode

The player has all of their HP at the beginning. They will have to defeat an enemy in every level. The player has to try to stand the most big number of enemies possible, without losing all his HP. The HP bar wont be filled after each level.

No-Death Rules

In this mode, the player has to fight for 90 seconds without being more damaged than his rivals. There isn't any form to be KO, but the winner will be the one who has the least number of negative HP at the end of the time.

Tournament Mode

The 24 Characters will fight in a tornament that is divided in 4 groups of 6 people each one. In each group, all the fighters must fight agaisnt the other ones. The best four of each team will fight (1st vs. 3rd and 2nd vs. 4th). The winners of this two combats will fight the other one. Finally, the four winners of each group will fight (winner group A vs. winner group B//winner group C vs. winner group D) and the winners of each battle will fight the final battle of this tournament.

Online Mode: Battle Mode

This mode lets the player to play with a friend or other people via Internet. All The rules, the stage and the items that they use can be chosen by the players.

Online Mode: Tournament

The player can play with different people from all the world to participate in a tournament together. The rules will be randomly chosen.


The gameplay is a 2D HP based fighter. Each character have combinations to use by pressing different buttons in different directions. A 50HP bar, as in Stelios Scramble a basic kick or punch takes 1 HP, a special move takes 2, item 2 and a finisher takes 5. Each character has 30 pellets before a KO.

But the story mode is a RPG akin to their series. And the HP bar can be raised in fights, by items and earning experience. Save Spots are represented by the Grey Pawn from Ella-Metals 3, but it is now seemingly smaller as it's in a 2.5D third person perspective.


The default roster, with Kaisser selected.

In total there are 24 playable characters in the game. 12 of these characters are default but just some of them are playable in the Story Mode.

Default Characters

Image Name Series Description
EllaFOC.png Ella Metals Ella-Metals Of course the main protagonist of her series, Ella Metals is here, with metal flying everywhere. Can you beat her?
AndyByArend.png Andy Pasta Ella-Metals Andy Pasta, the pasta-wielding boy is the friend of Ella, and love of Lexi. He has pasta and sauce ready to slaughter you by the second.
LexiLexan3.png Lexi Lexan Ella-Metals Lexi Lexan's powers are as sharp as a bullet, literally.
SamuelThink3.png Samuel Think Ella-Metals Samuel Think attacks with mindpower and controlling human emotions is a breeze.
LeilaMetalsBishop.png Leila Metals Ella-Metals The older fierce sister of Ella, Leila Metals is here to fight! Will she just flirt of put up a good fight?
KiulerCaissa.png Kaisser Cassia Ella-Metals Kaisser Cassia the chess mastermind is here to own the battlefield.
AingeruB.png Aingeru Battle of Bracelets He's the main character of the bracelet series. The green bracelet makes him get wings and fly. Are you ready to control this angel?
PabloB.png Pablo Battle of Bracelets He's one of the first friends that Aingeru has. Pablo mixes power with speed. Get ready, his hammer can leave you KO.
Ainhoa.PNG Ainhoa Battle of Bracelets Ainhoa was the first friend of Aingeru. Her agility and her acrobatic abilities make her a hard rival to defeat.
Xavier.png Xavier Battle of Bracelets Xavier will always help Ainhoa and Pablo in any adventure that they live.
Elena.png Elena Battle of Bracelets She is the love of Aingeru. She can turn into a thunder that can fry any enemy.
AlexBoB.png Alex Battle of Bracelets This Hades prisoner knows lots of strategies and how to be dangerous with his Chaos Axe.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series Description How to Unlock
StellaCassia.png Stella Cassia Ella-Metals Stella Cassia, Kaisser's love and partner is here to fight.
The Wright Sisters Ella-Metals Summer and Deryn, The Wright sisters arrive with their trusty Elemental Box and a desire to win.
Rob Ber Ella-Metals Estranged convict or fearsome burglar? Looks like you should really judge him on his fighting skills!
Lerson Grayn Ella-Metals
Five Ella-Metals The mysterious humanoid figure has roamed VineVille for some years, is it payback time for Five?
Caster Ella-Metals
DrakeA.PNG Drake Battle of Bracelets Drake is Aingeru's nemesis and the main Dark Bracelet who will ready to defeat you.
Inferna Battle of Bracelets She is the most powerful female Dark Bracelet. She has some new attacks that she wants to try with her rivals.
Alange.png Alange Battle of Bracelets The strategist of Dark Bracelets is thinking of his new plans to defeat anyone.
GaroneBoB.png Garone Battle of Bracelets Alange's partner. He usually joins him in his plans. Is it the winner side?
Bruno Battle of Bracelets A strong bracelet who knows how to use his abilities. He doesn't care anything to fight you.
UilBoB.png Uil Battle of Bracelets The new Dark Bracelet. He can be quite good at melee fights.


Image Name Series


Pawn Ella-Metals Pawn's will try to leap over you and attach them to you by "taking you".
Bishop Ella-Metals Bishops will diagonally charge into you.
Dark Soldiers Battle of Bracelets

They are Darkreon's minors and will appear from the shadows.

Gardewads Battle of Bracelets Weird creatures that throw lasers from far places.


Image Name Series Description
Nessie Ella-Metals A raging loch ness monster is fought outside the VineVille lake when a BoB character accidentally awakes them.
Detonator Ella-Metals A BoB character unleashes the Detonator and you have to shut it down.
The Curator Ella-Metals A old man but vine user, destroy all of his vines to freely shoot at him.
Darkreon.png Darkreon BoB The Dark God is fought by Golden Bracelets and other Ella characters after they believed that Darkreon was the brain of the plan.
AreusaBoB.png Areusa BoB Old acquaintance of Alex. She will help all her partners in plans and avoid anyone intervene between them and their plans.
KeeganBoB2.png Keegan BoB He is a dangerous Dark Bracelet and one of the bracelets that shows more dark energy.


There are several stages where the battles happen, 23 in total, 11 from each franchise and one exclusive.

Name Series Description
VineVille Ella-Metals A stage which travels around certain areas in VineVille, the VineVillian School, the main streets and the City Centre where the Ella Metals statue is.
Kaisser's Chess Board Ella-Metals Fight on Kaisser's chess board. A basic stage.
Lake VineVille Ella-Metals

Fight on a small rocky island in Lake Island. Nessie will try and attack on rare occasions. Splashing itself and water all over the stage.

Atlantica Beachside Ella-Metals Fight on top of the Metals' beachside apartment, but watch out for the waves.
Atlantica Streets Ella-Metals The bustling Atlantic streets, travel through sleepy streets to a metropolis.
School of VineVille Ella-Metals Fight in the Halls of the School of VineVille, leap on lockers.
The Vine Den Ella-Metals Fight on the Vine Den's pitch, watch out of the footballs.
Al Factory Ella-Metals Fight on converyor belts, with robots constantly being made, if they are knocked off, they can attack you.
VineVille Apartments Ella-Metals Fight at the top of the VineVille apartments.
The Meteorite Ella-Metals The roofs on either side are a refuge. The fountain is a platform after jumping off the Ella Metals' statue at the top and The Meteorite at the center makes the closer characters more powerful.
Ella-Metals School Ella-Metals The locker rooms of the Ella-Metals school, water fountains, a stage and bell as bumpers.
Montanian Village BoB The village where Aingeru comes from, it's a place between mountains. The center of the village has a big park where he fought the first time.
Dark Palace BoB It's the place where Aingeru and Dark Bracelets fight. Darkreon's home. Full of pillars and archs that can be bring down.
Mechanic Temple BoB It's an ancient temple near Montanian Village. It's in the west route of Melia Land.
West Horizon BoB That's a weird place where magnetic events happen.
Monacal Ruins BoB These ruins were the old palace of a big kingdom. The Electrum Orb was find there, a powerful sorce of energy.
Horizon Cliffs BoB Some cliffs into Horizon Forest, when space rules don't work.
Lacal City BoB That city is just the entrance to the Hades, near the Stix Lake.
Iced Desert BoB It's the northern desert of Deserticien Island.

Nocturnus Beach

BoB Thats the beach of Nocturnus City, where the sun never appears.
Boltonia Olympic Stadium BoB It's the stadium where Alex found his bracelet. The Badminton fields are the place where it happens
Burghale Port BoB It's the place where Aingeru and Ainhoa find again and fight.
Magnum Sanctuary Common That's the place where the final battle happens.


In total their are 16 items in the game. All items deal 2 Damage Pips. A total of 8 for each series.

Name Series Description
Bullet BoB Ella-Metals A Bullet BoB can be freely thrown and explode on contact.
Bullet BoB Launcher Ella-Metals 3 Bullet BoB's can be fired at a angle one by one, or by holding down A can fire them all at once.
Vine Ella-Metals A Vine can be flung on a player at close contact
Pasta Sauce Cauldron Ella-Metals Pour some hot pasta sauce over a opponent.
Lasoo Ella-Metals Fire a lasoo and hoof a player closer to you.
Pawn Ella-Metals The Pawn will take the player forward dealing some damage.
Space Orb Battle of Bracelets It triggers a controlled space distortion over the enemy.
Time Orb Battle of Bracelets It triggers a controlled time distorsion over the enemy.
Edge Bracelet Battle of Bracelets The user gets a sharp bracelets that can even cut the air and his attack is increased.
Fiery Hammer Battle of Bracelets It's a hammer whose base damage is increased by touching a heat source.
Chaos Vortex Battle of Bracelets This vortex can change the element of the power thanks to touch an energy stone.
Pandora Harp Battle of Bracelets This item can play music that confuse the rivals.
Death Arrows Battle of Bracelets The player can throw several arrows everywhere at the same time.
Weap Disk Battle of Bracelets The item applied to a bracelet makes him get air, fire, thunder abilities.


  • Although it's Ella-Metals first in the title, on the roster picture the Battle of Bracelets characters appear first.


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