Ella-Metals MMORPG is a MMORPG (hence the name) in the Ella-Metals series by Fusion Entertainment. It is considered as a spin-off as it does not coincide with the main story of the series. It was released for the PC.


The rolling stories are continuos in the game and are updated weekly. But the rough story is to make your own player and battle or interact with other players around VineVille.


You create a personalized character from facial features, height and weight, personality to the clothes and power.

Once you enter the world, you are doing what Ella Metals would normally do, run around solving missions, destroying enemies, gaining XP. But this time, you can engage in fights with other VineVillians, with sword and elemental duels. Collecting items, and exploring VineVille and it's outskirts. Including shops to get weapons, skills for weapons, new moves and outfits. You can also have relationships with other players, work together or duel together.

The elemental duels fight scene plays similarly to your average fighting game with a health bar on the top.

When battling, you can kick, punch, tackle or use some of the characters special moves, as in previous Ella-Metals games.


Although you can play the game offline, a main attraction to the game is that you can play the story mode with 3 other players online. Side or story missions.


  • The games slogan is, Your warfare has begun.
  • The game is also refered to as Ella-Metals Online.
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