Ella-Metals 3: Sun and Sky is an expansion for the Novaya version of Ella-Metals 3. It was a launch title for the console, and the only expansion featured on the Novaya Store at launch. It was developed by Twenty-Second Choice rather than Fusion Entertainment, the developers of the original game.


A mysterious floating island appears in the sky above VineVille. The citizens mostly ignore it at first, thinking it will leave just as it arrived.

One week later, Ella wakes up to find herself on the island. A ghost-like white silhouetted humanoid approaches her, introducing itself as one of the Shunned. They are investigating the effects of the meteor which landed in VineVille by taking those with powers to their island. He then leads Ella to what appears to be a small building from the outside, but is actually much larger on the inside.

Inside the building are a series of rooms, each with a different challenge inside. Ella can choose to go through the rooms in whatever order she likes, but the end goal is to complete every challenge. Along the way, various different Shunned explain the challenges to her.

After completing all of the challenges, Ella is taken to another room where a group of Shunned are gathered around a large circular table. They explain their story to her, that they were once gifted magic users from a distant planet. However, they sought to expand their magical ability well beyond that of all others by creating a chemical that would enter their DNA and turn them into their own source of magic. The initial dose they used was too large, however, and their whole bodies were turned into pure magical constructs (which is where they got their appearance from). The Scirevicis Academy heard of their experiment, however, and thought it to be tampering with the natural order of magic. They sent the wizards who created the chemical and the chemical itself into space. The Shunned took an island from another planet and converted it into their own vessel, and then created a meteor to contain the magic chemical, which they sent towards Vineville.

Dare then appears to the group, introducing himself and explaining that while the Shunned were wandering through space he contacted them and they formed a deal. The challenges within the island were a joint project between the two, for the Shunned purposes of investigating their meteor and Dare's purpose of testing to see if Ella was capable of being a hero of the Fantendoverse. Ella and the others who were taken to the island are returned to VineVille, and Dare tells her that he will be back when he needs her help to save the universe.

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