Developer(s) Fusion Entertainment
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Hybrid Fusion
Release Date(s)
October 31, 2011
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Turn-based RPG

The Ella Metals 3 Halloween Expansion Pack (Also known as the VineVille Silence pack) is an expansion pack released on 2011 Halloween made by Fusion Entertainment. The expansion pack includes several new levels, an entirely new subplot and several character skins with it. The pack was available on the Delta Online store until the 10th of November, 2011 for purchase.


It is several days until the day of Halloween, the days pass normally for the VineVillian people, that is until several murders occur in the city, which created controversy between the people on what happened. The witnesses of the murders saw that figures in cloaks with eyes of red and skin of black were in the area and that they proceeded to absorb the life of their victims. Ella and Andy become more suspicious once they hear this and decide to investigate. After killing some of the unknown killers, the two find that those responsible for the murders were Black Army soldiers who vow revenge against Ella and co. They find that Kaisser's soul has not passed into the afterlife and is still active in Vineville, reconstructing a body from flesh and souls of murdered victims and manipulating his troops, eventually Kaisser is killed yet again and his reconstructed body is destroyed.

New Features


  • Ella Witch Costume - This skin gives Ella a costume of a witch with black robes and a stereotype Witch's hat. She is also given a staff to use as a weapon.

New Maps

  • 'VineV'ille Sewers - An underground area of Vineville which is filled with mazes, Black Army troops and other risks such as occasional flooding.
  • VineVille Metro - Technically a Three-map area the VineVille metro consists of 3 similar stations, which drop you off at other places such as the VineVille Town Center. Some Black Army troops reside in here and attack Ella only when she tries to board a train.
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