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Elite Fisticuffs is a fighting game made by Star Crash Inc. It is meant as an Author Appeal project that's fun to make. The gameplay is similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, however some elements of traditional fighters, such as attacks being better when performed in combos, is also present. It's plot is semi-related to Elite Fantasy.


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Image Name Source Work Description Skins
TomNook001 Tom Nook Animal Crossing A tanooki who owns a shop in the middle of Smashville. He tends to somehow get people to owe him a lot of money, but he claims it's all in his customers best interest. Whether he's telling the truth can be debated. Tom Nook
Professor Layton Professor Layton Professor Layton This professor and his assistant Luke solved many mysteries and puzzles. His trademark hat and car travel around with him everywhere. He doesn't really want to fight in this game, but it is what must be done. Professor Layton
Hatless Layton
Quote Quote Cave Story A robot who was built to counter the other robots that were murdering innocent mimigas. He went through a lot of work to escape from the Floating Island, only to be dragged back to this fighting place... Quote
Yellow Quote
Blue Quote
Halloween Quote
Curly Curly Brace Cave Story Curly Brace is the best character and that is all there really is to say on the matter. Curly Brace
Sora Sora Kingdom Hearts Sora is a guy who lived on an island, but then got a keyblade and went on a ton of adventures. Sora
Chell Chell Johnson Portal Extreme tenacity and determination. Never gives up. Do not test. Chell
Roxas Brawl Style Roxas Kingdom Hearts Sora's Nobody, a term which, just like everything else in the Kingdom Hearts series, is far too complex to explain in one of these boxes. Roxas
Twilight Towb Roxas
Riku Riku Kingdom Hearts Riku was Sora's friend on the Destiny Islands. He went on his own adventures in the series. Riku
KHI Riku
Geno Brawl Geno Super Mario RPG His real name is unpronouncable, so he possessed a doll named Geno and took that as his name. He's like some star god spirit guy. Geno
Johnegbert John Egbert Homestuck This young man with a liking to magical frivolity and practical japery fights with a hammer and wind powers. John
God Tier
Roselalonde Rose Lalonde Homestuck A strange young lady who enjoys the zoologically dubious. She fights with needles and some sort of strange seer powers. Rose
God Tier
Terezipyrope Terezi Pyrope Homestuck A troll who is blind so she must smell and taste colors to find her way around. Terezi
God Tier
Redspe Red Pokemon Adventures A powerful trainer who has grown a lot in the years since he began. His pokemon include Poliwrath, Charizard and Pikachu. Red
Greenspe Green Pokemon Adventures A not-quite-honest Pokemon trainer. Her pokemon include Jigglypuff, Ditto, Clefairy and Blastoise. Green
Yellowspe Yellow Pokemon Adventures A trainer with special foresty powers used to communicate and heal Pokemon. Yellow
TwilightSparkle Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic A student at Canterlot, she moved to Ponyville upon request of her teacher to help oversee a festival and, more importantly, make some friends. She is extremely focused on details and explanations. Twilight Sparkle
Stealth Mode
PinkiePieArtwork Pinkie Pie My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic She grew up on a rock farm, despite having a large affinity for fun. She may or may not have reality warping powers. Pinkie Pie
RainbowDash Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rainbow Dash is a very useful friend, due to her extreme speed. She is somewhat egotistical, however she is learning to be less so. Rainbow Dash
Daring Do
Megaman1 Mega Man Mega Man A simple cleaning robot, Rock had to be converted into a fighting machine during the events of the original Mega Man. Mega Man
Proto Man
Madotsuki Madotsuki Yume Nikki A young girl who can't leave her room for one reason or another. Upon collecting the powers known as "Effects" in her dreams, she has formed a very odd fighting style.
Batteref The Batter OFF A demented purificatory incarnation. The Batter is dedicated to purifying what's wrong with the world, and requires your aid.
Demo Demo a super mario thing Armless cycloptic demon minion... thing. If Demo dies, it's okay, she'll be back. That was just a demo for science. Demo
Chiebi Chie LCD DEM A young girl trapped in her room. With nothing else to do, she dreams. Has a very non-offensive fighting style, since she is a very peaceful girl. Chie
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve? Minecraft The last human being alive (in his world, anyway) who can only sort of remember his name. A survivalist and creative person. Steve?


Image Name Source Work Description Skins How to Unlock
200px-Uboa.png Uboa Yume Nikki A creature of dubious morality that lives inside of a girl inside of a cone inside of an ocean inside of an igloo inside of a valley inside of a door inside of a girl's dreams. (Just don't flicker the lights.) Uboa
Kyuu-kyuu Kun
Sewer Creature
Defeat him in PSII
Xion 358 2 Days Xion Kingdom Hearts Xion is also a good combatant with stats a mix between Sora and Roxas. She also has slightly better magical capabilities. Xion Play 5 matches in Strife!
Play as her in PSII
Davestrider Dave Strider Homestuck A guy who's all up in this ironic delirious biznasty, yo. He fights with a bunch of crappy swords that break all the time and time travel powers. Dave
God Tier
MC Suit
Felt Suit
Play as him in PSII
Jadeharley Jade Harley Homestuck This young girl lives on an island and likes anthropomorphic animals. She fights using rifles and space-manipulation powers. Jade
Dog Tier
Three AM
Play as her in PSII
Degendrawingbysorastitchakadeadpool Degenerator Degenerator A teenager from Hawaii who went insane and threatened to kill some guy named Cobweb with a crowbar. She later recovered from her insanity but continued to make several passive-aggressive remarks against Cobweb and his friends. Recently, her mental health has began declining again. Her real name is Alicia. Degenerator Defeat her in PSII
Goldspe Gold Pokemon Adventures A skilled but slightly foolish trainer. Gold Play as him in PSII
Saphhirespe Sapphire Pokemon Adventures A trainer who is a bit uncivilized due to spending most of her time in the forest. Sapphire Play as her in PSII
Blackspe Black Pokemon Adventures A loud and excited trainer. Black Play as him in PSII
DerpyHooves Derpy Hooves My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic There may or may not be something not quite right with Derpy's eyes and brain... but maybe she's just a bit silly! She's able to fight either way. Derpy Hooves Play as her in PSII
Hipstercheese Hipster Cheese Middens Round some parts, they call him King of the Streets. Hipster Cheese knows what irony is, and also has some ties to the Quest Fantasy universe for a number of dumb reasons. Hipster Cheese Play as him in PSII
Play as The Nomad 30 times
Snailyjoe Snaily Joe Fantendo Democracy. Snaily Joe
"Turbo" the rip-off
Unlock every other character and complete PSII on the hardest difficulty level.

Confirmed Assist Characters

Image Name Series Description
Turret Aperture Science Sentry Turret Portal These turrets say "Hello. Target Acquired. Firing." and then fire many bullets at hyperfast speed at their targets.
Weighted Companion Cube Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube Portal The Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube pulls in people who are near it, using it's cute charm. Anyone who hurts the Cube gets hurt themself, because nobody would hurt such an innocent, amazing cube that we all love.



PSII is about all the characters going around doing incredibly crazy stuff that ends up being sorta connected. Sometimes. More info soon...


This does not count fights with characters that are playable in "STRIFE!" mode that are treated like boss fights in PSII - it only counts bosses specially designed for PSII that have special health bars.

Image Name Series Description
Glados GLaDOS Portal
The Final Boss Half-Life: Full Life Consequences
Ballos Cave Story
Discord Discord My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Lord English Homestuck
Giygas Idle ML Giygas Mother
Slender Man The Slender Man Mythos


Table coming soon.

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