The Elite family of handheld systems is a huge brand even though there have been a few flops. If it was a system it would usually be developed by Flamepeeps.

Mario made his first apperance on these systems in Super Mario Plus.

Name Description Price Worldwide Release Date EliteClassic The first system in the series and also the best selling.




24 January 2005
EliteHD The first ever HD handheld made by Flamepeeps.




6 October 2010
EliteVR A virtual reality system.




8 March 2012
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In 2002 Nintendo were feeling in the dumps with slow sales so a small company called Flamepeeps Media Entertainment asked to use licences to make their own console. Nintendo thought it over, and agreed in 2003.


The one and only EliteClassic was released in 2005. Not much information is on Fantendo except for that and pictures.


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Notable Games

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