Dr. Elfain
The Oceanian scientist.
AGE 20
BIRTHPLACE Waterfalls, Atlantica
CLASS Helper
WEAPONS Inventions

Professor Elfain (also know simply as Elfain) is one of the scientist that worked on the creation of Scyplo. She is a young prodigy with high intelligence, and also an expert in human's psychology and AI creation. She mostly worked on the creation of Scyplo's emotional system, but had little time to do so, and so the system turned to have some errors. If Scyplo comes to Earth, Elfain will fix his system. She considers Cornelius Volutt her idol, and seeks to create and pursue great discoveries, most times trying to find new technologies and tools. She wants to become one of the most well known Oceanian scientists in the world, trying to follow the footsteps of her idol figure.


Elfain was the scientist in charge of creating the Emotional system Scyplo would have. In doing so, she selected some specific individuals with experience in AI creation and started to work on it. However, when she and their team where pressed to finish it quickly, they started to, without knowing, putting some errors in the system. Scyplo was awoken with the errors in his personality, and as such couldn't control his emotions very well.

Elfain was, later, Scyplo's guide in Earth. There, she showed him the landscapes and beautiful seas of the planet. In one laboratory in Waterfalls, Atlantica, she fixed his errors, something that made him finally control his emotions.

After Scyplo finishes his journey on Earth, Elfain goes back to the alien's planet to continue researching on AI.


Elfain is sort of a bookworm. Being extremely curious and always wanting to know, she has interest in knowing more about humans, which once lived on Earth, their psychology and life. As such, while studying human psychology in the Atlantica University, she became interest in AI development and started to work on robots. This gave her a chance to experiment with how human minds were, and to discover how related they are to Oceanian's.

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