#Unknown Eletea
Category Teatime Pokémon
Original Region Triqo
National Dex Nr. #Unknown
Triqo Dex Nr. #Unknown
Generation 7
Pokémon Color White
First Appearance Pokémon Shimmer and Music
Latest Appearance ditto to above
Type(s) Normal
Ability/ies Heatproof
(Hidden: Bulletproof)
Average Height 3
Average Weight 1 lb.
Evolves From None
Evolves Into Mastopot
 Eletea is  a normal type Pokémon from Pokémon Shimmer and Music.



Eletea is a teapot crossed with an elephant. Its tail is the handle and its trunk is the spout.


Eletea usually tend to be cheerful, especially when the water in their bodies is boiling.


Eletea live in plains areas because harsh sunlight heats the water in their bodies.


Pokédex Entries

Shimmer When the water in their bodies heats, they become overjoyed. If taken near a volcano, they will achieve maximum happiness.
Music The water in their bodies are heated and sprayed at attackers. If the water isn't hot enough, Eletea will spray smoke everywhere and run.

Game Locations

Shimmer Music Easy (80%) Unknown

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
EnglishEleteaFrom Elephant and Tea.
SpanishEleteaSame as English
FrenchThéléphantFrom éléphant (elephant) and thé (Tea)
DutchOlitheeFrom "Olifant" (Elephant) and "Thee" (Tea)
GermanTeelefantFrom Tee (Tea), and Elefant (Elephant)
ItalianTèlefanteFrom "tè" (tea) and "Elefante" (Elephant)


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