Elena Vil Oldton


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Elena Vil Oldton, Professor E. Vil Oldton's daughter.
AGE 23
Pesh ("friendly foe")
CLASS Villain?
WEAPONS Machines

Elena Vil Oldton is Professor E. Vil Oldton's daughter that first appeared in Pusher's Pile Oxide. Unlike her father, she seems a bit more confused on whether she wants to be evil or not, stating that it's all she really knows. She seemingly has a crush on Pesh, although whether she acts on it depends on what ending you get in Pusher's Pile Oxide. She hates her last name as it makes her sound much older than she is.

Unlike most of the Pusher's Pile characters, she was not created by APIM Group, Inc., but rather by Toroko.


Elena wears white clothes that do not cover her shoulders yet have sleeves. She has white hair and yellow eyes and has a crazy expression usually on her face. She wears black pants with blue heel boots.


Elena is more or less confused about her role in the universe. Although she seems excited about the prospect of taking over the world, this is revealed to be more or less an obligation she feels the need to fulfill, likely learned from her dad. She has been shown to be rather sweet from time to time as seen in the "Extremely Anti-Consumer Edition" of Pusher's Pile Oxide, where she will make levels "easier" for Pesh if he fails. This seems to fall in line with her implied crush of Pesh.

She also hates her last name "Oldton", as it makes her sound much older than she is. She is rather smart but clueless about morality.


Pusher's Pile Oxide

Appears as the main villain. Her fate is more or less destined by what difficulty the game is cleared at. In some endings, she succeeds at taking over the world but isn't very happy about, often having to kill Pesh in order to do so. In other endings, she either becomes friends with Pesh or becomes romantically involved. The true ending reveals that she becomes Pashie.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Elena/Pashie was revealed for Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory on 5/18/17. She is a transformation character and technically has two movesets, although her down special is shared between both movesets. In Elena mode, she can attack with gadgets and Razzies while Pashie Mode uses a whip and a Pushy to battle.



  • Her design was based off the art style of Gashi Gashi.
  • It is unknown who her mother is.

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