Developer(s) Boss Games
Publisher(s) Boss Games
Platform(s) New Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Series Elementals
Successor Elementals 2
Release Date(s) 12/31/15
Age Rating(s) E
Elementals is a puzzle game by Boss Games created for the New Nintendo 3DS on New Years Eve. It stars different Elementals trying to get back home.


The gameplay of Elementals is simple. Using each Elemental given, you need to get them home. To do that however, you'll have to bypass obstacles by combining different elementals together. For example, to put out a fire if you weren't given water, you could mix Fire & Ice to cause Water to pour down on the fire. You can also combine two Elementals of the same type to get a powered-up version of their ability. Electricity + Electricity would cause a massive blast of well, electricity to rain down. However, you need to be careful not to destroy other elementals.

If you used Fire while near Ice, while it could create Water it would also destroy the ice. If you used Fire right next to ice, both would be destroyed as the water would put Fire out. Each elemental can also pass through different obstacles unharmed to reach switches or buttons. Fire can walk through fire, electricity can walk on Electric Panels, etc.


80 Years after World War III, Humanity had wiped itself out. Families failed to escape the planet as the nukes fell and the explosions swallowed up the city. Eventually a new species came into existance - Elementals. The Elementals decided to explore this new planet, and find out what the hell happened here. Each Elemental split into groups to explore as each of them had their own benefits. The only two who didn't split into a group were Life & Death, girlfriend and boyfriend, who instead would try to talk to the Elementals through some old communication systems they found. Unfortunately for all the elementals, there are many obstacles, mutated animals, and more still inhabitating the planet of Earth.

Elemental Party

Elemental Party is a brand new mode added in the Party Time! Update. In Elemental Party, you choose a character out of every elemental and a level theme/board to play on, the DLC elementals and level themes do require that dlc to use. There's also some boards not based off of any existing themes that are based off of scrapped level themes. The goal of Elemental Party is simple - using a amount of turns (chosen at the menu as well as CPU Difficulty) to get the most diamonds as possible. The winner is sent to the Party Square where they get to show off their dance moves infront of every elemental in the game, with the player choosing from a list of dance moves. After all the elementals have moved, a minigame is randomly chosen.




Name Ability
Fire Can burn trees and walk through fire & lava
Water Can go through Water can put out Fires
Ice Can... freeze things. And walk on water too by freezing it.
Electricity Can electrocute anything in Water and walk on Electric Panels
Life Able to revive, heal, give energy, and more to Elementals. Can also create shields out of plants. 
Death Able to kill animals with the flick of his fingers, destroy trees, and more.
Rock Can dig through rocks and go underground and lift boulders
Metal Can be connected to certain machines to turn them off.
Ghost Can go through certain objects and possess animals
Chocolate Can wade through Chocolate Rivers and attract animals to let the other elementals get pass them.
Wind Can provide gusts of wind to blow elementals across gaps.
Cosmic Can use a star blast to break through certain walls, and destroy animals, however can only use the star blast a total of 3 times.
Sonic (USA)/Speed Can move extremely fast and use a supersonic sound to stun enemies.
Golden Elemental Can go through special liquids and hazards in levels allowing for alternate exits as well as some extra levels.
Mushroom Can sap energy from trees to make mushrooms (size varies depending on how much energy was sapped)
Music Can calm down various animals with the song of her voice and pass through musical blockades + loudspeakers.
Light Can clear away darkness to create a path for other elementals so they don't get taken by Night Creatures.
Vortex Can transport other elementals using portals, however the portals take up energy.
Feather Can fly in the sky to reach places unaccessable by most elementals, however flight is limited.
Sponge Can absorb water to grow bigger (with the max size being 3X the size of a normal elemental)
Darkness Can darken a room temporarily to destroy creatures that live in the light, also survives in the darkness unlike every other elemental.
Sleep Can send animals to sleep and restore it's own energy.
Animal Can tame small animals such as rabbits and make them fight for the Elementals instead of against them.
Poison A relative of the Ghost Elemental, as the name implies it can poison animals and obstacles.
Arachnid Can create web bridges and web trampolines, Arachnid Elementals have night-vision and move faster in darkness, however that doesn't mean they can't be killed by animals. They also will slowly begin to die in the sunlight.
Burst Can produce explosions all around it unless it's underwater or in a cold area. If it stays in a hot area for too long it will selfdestruct creating a massive explosion.
Mirror Can redirect beams of light to solve light puzzles, for Animals that attack others of it's species, when it looks at a Mirror Elemental it'll try to kill the Elemental. Other Animals would see the Mirror Elemental as one of it's kind and let it live.
Ink Can spray ink all over a area allowing all the other Elementals to swim in it, except for Water who will clean it up.
Bubble Elemental Can create bubbles that the other Elementals can bounce on, and can create Air Bubbles underwater so Elementals can't drown.
Acid Elemental Can swim through Acid and turn into a acid puddle that can go through small holes.

Bold indicates the elemental is only in the bonus stages.

Italics indicates the elemental is only in DLC.

Bold and Italics indicates the elemental is unlocked with a amiibo.


When Elementals was first announced at E3 2015, nearly everyone was skeptical assuming it would flop. However when it came out, the game was a hit, with the average review score being 8/10. It has been popular enough to score a entire DLC featuring brand new elementals that weren't added in the base game, free updates, and more.


Sweet DLC ($5.00)

Released 2/8/16, the Sweet DLC included a brand new theme for levels - Candy. It also included a Level Maker where people with the dlc can create & share custom levels with eachother, and they get to choose what elementals the player has and how many. Sweet DLC also introduced 3 new Elementals: Chocolate, Wind, and Cosmic.

The Castle DLC ($2.50)

Released 3/6/16, The Castle DLC adds a brand new Castle Theme and a ton more challenging levels to test your skills, with some of the challenging levels being locked unless you get the Sweet DLC (As they use features only in the Sweet DLC). So far The Castle DLC is the only DLC to not add any new elementals.

The Sweeter DLC ($12.50/$6.25)

Released 4/2/16, the Sweeter DLC included multiple things - three new themes, new enemies, 2 elementals, and if you didn't buy it yet then everything in the Sweet DLC. The Sweeter DLC is $12.50 if you haven't bought the Sweet DLC, and $6.25 if you have bought the Sweet DLC. It also features (if you bought The Castle DLC) over 80 new challenging levels, and in the Level Maker you can write messages using the new feature exclusive to it - Signs. The themes include Abyss, Core, and Thunderstorm. The new enemies all reside in the new themes - Thunderboar, Bergshark, Chasmgon, and Anglifin. The new Elementals include Bubble & Acid.


All updates are for free and are compatible with DLC.

1/22/16: Party Time!

Released 1/22/16, Party Time! Features a brand new mode, a new elemental, and a new level theme.

1/29/16: The Big Update

Released 1/29/16, The Big Update is a big update that includes new elementals, amiibo support, new level themes, a new mode, and a couple other things.

3/13/16: The Campaign Update

Released 3/13/16, The Campaign Update included more amiibo support, the ability to add NPCs to your level maker levels, and a Campaign with 16 worlds, each with a boss at the end of it. Whenever you buy a DLC or unlock an amiibo level theme, you get more worlds based off of the contents of the DLC. After beating the campaign, you're able to play a Bonus Boss Rush with every single boss. The first time you play it, there's bosses from Amiibo and DLC if you bought it or not. After that, you'll have to buy the amiibo or DLC to encounter them.

Level Maker

In the Level Maker, you can create levels using level themes and a list of obstacles, as well as a list where you can add in elementals. There are also several features.


Name Description
Passive Ghost Can pick up Elementals and throw them, however Ghost Elementals cannot be picked up.
Undead Puppetmaster A more dangerous kind of ghost, there's a 5% chance a Undead Puppetmaster will possess a Elemental. If this happens, you'll need the Light Elemental to get it out of the Elemental. Ghost Elementals can also fight back against Possessed Elementals
Hornet Choir Interrupt this Choir, and you'll have to run like hell. The good news is that Rock Elementals simply find the stings tickling. Atleast you can use your trust Music Elementals to distract them to pass by them. Oh, and their singing can make Elementals fall asleep making them unable to move for a few minutes, good thing Music Elementals are immune to that!
Metroid/Alien Creature A weird Alien Creature found on Other Planet, it can suck the life out of Elementals rendering them unusable until the Alien Creature is taken down. You'll need a Cosmic Elemental handy for these guys!
Donkey Kong/Strange Ape Some sort of Ape that seems to love throwing barrels, you'll need to find a way to avoid his barrels if you want to live!
Ridley/Alien Creature 2 Another weird Alien Creature found on Other Planet, there's only 1 piece of advice you can be given - RUN. LIKE. HELL. Able to take down Elementals in one hit, can move fast, and shoot fireballs to burn every Elemental down.
Lunar Ostrich Flightless birds that have huge heads and dark personalities, you'll be better off not having any Light Elementals near these guys, as they target light!
Maiasaurus Dinosaurs that got revived from the Nuclear War, they're usually harmless. Just don't go near their young or attack their young or you'll regret it.
Giant Mosquito A gigantic Mosquito that can suck all the blood and life out of a Elemental, you'll have to get a Giant Toad near them or them near a Giant Toad for them to be destroyed. Life is Immune to Giant Mosquitos.
Giant Toad A gigantic Toad that ignores Elementals, it can accidentally crush them. They're the only things that can destroy Giant Mosquitos
Locked Doors/Doors Locked Doors are doors that are locked, requiring a Elemental to step on a switch. Once a Locked Door is unlocked, it becomes a normal door - stepping on the switch again will close it.
Flying Mole/Mole Daddy

Flying Moles are small moles with wings that fly around, digging tunnels through trees & rocks, and can be tamed by the Animal Elemental.

Mole Daddys dig underground, throw boulders at Elementals, and cannot be tamed. It can be blinded by light, and Rock Elementals can pick the boulders back up to throw at him.

Windygull A seagull with giant air sacs that can blow away Elementals to keep itself safe, Wind & Rock Elementals are immune to it and Feather Elementals can glide in the wind. Windygulls are usually nearby Treasure.
Thunderboar A mythical boar made out of thunder and clouds that resides in the skies, often proving itself as the ruler of the skies. It often waits for a creature, whether it's an animal, Elemental, or other mythical creature before unleashing bolts of lightning at them. Only the Electric Elemental and Giant Toad can resist this lightning (Electric Elemental can last 5 hits, unlike the 2 hits every other Elementals can last) and only Cosmic or Death Elemental can defeat him. In the campaign, he appears as the boss of the Thunderstorm world.
Bergshark A mythical shark made of ice that resides deep underwater, often proving itself as the ruler of the seas. It uses darkness as a camoflauge to creep up on creatures before snapping at them without mercy. Light Elementals can reveal them no matter how dark it is, and only Cosmic or Death Elementals can defeat it. In the campaign, he appears as the boss of the Abyss world.
Chasmgon A mythical dragon statue brought to life that roams the world, often proving itself to be the ruler of land and civilizations. It is initially passive, but it will challenge Elementals that have braved the skies and seas. It launches giant fireballs, can cause earthquakes, summon rain, and fly. You will probably need every single elemental to defeat it, and only the Cosmic Elemental can break it. Chasmgon appears as the final boss of the campaign.
Bari/Barinade Baries are floating jellyfish that are electrified. They start out as buds on a Barinade, and grow on it until they are fully grown and ready to explore. Music makes a Bari explode, and a Barinade is very weak to ice from a ice elemental. In the campaign, A trio of Barinades appear as the boss of the Jabu-Jabu world.
Bowser Bowser is a giant bipedal turtle who hates the color red and the letter M. He spits fireballs, throws hammers, and tries to suck up Elementals with a vacuum breath. He can be melted with lava, and he also can be bounced away with the Mushroom Elemental. He appears in the bonus boss rush after beating the campaign.

Bold indicates the obstacle is only in the bonus stages.

Italics indicates the obstacle is only in DLC.

Bold and Italics indicates the obstacle is in a stage unlocked with a Amiibo.

Level Themes

Name Description
Field A nice little field theme, it's the best place to take a break.
Forest A area with tons of trees, beware of the falling apples.
Desert The hottest level theme around, expect no water in here.
Candy A Sweet place, there's lollipop trees, chocolate rivers, and more!
Castle A dark and gloomy castle with jail cells, don't expect any happiness in here and remember to bring a light source!
Ocean The wettest place in the world speaking of how it's entirely water, not many elementals can actually be in this theme due to the water.
Sky It's the sky with tons of clouds, did I mention that clouds will dissapear if too many elementals are on them?
Ice Full of slippery ice, and be careful with the fire elementals here... You may melt the entire theme and destroy your elementals!
Disco Home to all the latest dances and music, the Disco is great for cheering people up.
Old School Looks just like a old Gameboy game, it features barrels trying to kill you and a certain ape...
Giant Tree Takes place inside of a giant tree. Fire elementals would probably melt it using common sense, oh and did we mention bugs are slowly eating up the entire tree and will eventually kill you?
Ruins There's ancient ruins with hidden passages, treasure, treasure, and mostly more treasure. Oh, and nearly everywhere you go has a death trap waiting to murder you. Have fun!
Corrupted Mansion A extremely dark corrupted mansion full of ghosts, walking paintings, bleeding books, and more. YOU KNOW, FOR KIDS!
Factory A factory that's still running full of conveyor belts, and machines waiting to mash, burn, and many more unpleasant things.
Urban A busy city full of moving cars, trains, subways, and airplanes. The strange thing is humanity was wiped out, so whats controlling this city?
Other Planet Beware of this place, there's some weird alien creatures we've found here... Atleast Elementals can survive here.
Tropical Rainforest A place full of rain, rivers, and murderous frogs, this is not a ideal vacation place for most Elementals.
Volcano A dangerous area that erupts from time to time, only Elementals able to survive lava could survive in here, every other Elemental has a 5 minute timer unless they find a way to cool themselves off (resetting the timer back to 5)
Mushroom Forest A destroyed forest full of Mushrooms & Bouncy Leaves, Fire Elementals would burn down the entire forest while Water Elementals would end up reviving it by destroying the Mushrooms.
Museum A abandoned Museum that survived the Nuclear War, it's full of moving dinosaur fossils, possessed medieval armor, creepy security cameras, and much much more.
Weird Desert A desert town of some sort with strange creatures called Mr. Saturns that luckily are harmless. The Weird Desert has a oasis where all the Elementals can regain their energy.
Inside Jabu-Jabu A place inside of a giant fish that's slippery and has jellyfish creatures. If a jellyfish or a Electric Elemental touches the ground, then the entire place gets shocked killing all non-jellyfish creatures and non-Electric Elementals.
Thunderstorm A extremely dangerous place in the sky where thunderclouds form. With thunderbolts, mythical creatures, and a giant plane to encounter, this area is extremely hard.
Abyss Even deeper underwater than the ocean theme, this place connects to the seafloor and is basically always completely dark unless you have a Light Elemental. Sharks and Angler Fish use the darkness as camoflauge, and only the bravest can survive down here.
Core Taking place in the core of the planet, covered with tons of dirt and monsters. Like the Volcano, non-fire Elementals have to stay cool so their timer doesn't go down. Can only be accessed after the game has been completed.

Italics means that it's unlocked from a DLC

Bold means that it's unlocked from a Amiibo

Level Features

Name Description
Duck Hunt Minigame After you've used the Duck Hunt Amiibo, you're able to place a Duck Hunt Minigame at the end of every level - beating the first level switches the Ducks and Dog with Flying Moles and the Death Elemental
Signs After you've bought the Sweeter DLC, you're able to place signs in a level and put words or pictures you draw with a stylus on it that the players can see. You cannot put profanity or inappropiate pictures, as your level will immediately get taken down.
Liquids You're able to place liquids (Lava, Water, Honey) wherever you want in a level at the mininum at a 3x3 square.
NPCs You're able to put non-playable Elementals in levels that you can talk to so that they'll follow you (or stop when you want them to stop)

Italics means that the feature is exclusive to a DLC (like the Sweeter DLC)

Bold means that the feature is exclusive to an amiibo (like Duck Hunt)

Amiibo Support

As of 1/26/16, Amiibo Support has been confirmed for Elementals with 3 pictures - a golden elemental, a golden elemental amiibo, and the golden elemental amiibo in a amiibo box. 

Amiibo Name Effect
Mario Unlocks a new level theme - Old School
Golden Elemental Unlocks the Golden Elemental Elemental
Samus Unlocks a new level theme - Other Planet
Ness Unlocks a new level theme - Weird Desert
Inkling (Boy or Girl) Unlocks the Ink Elemental
Dr. Mario Unlocks the Dr. Elemental Amiibo
Any Zelda Amiibo Unlocks a new level theme - Inside Jabu-Jabu
Bowser or Bowser Jr Unlocks a new enemy that can either appear in any level or be placed in any level - Bowser
Duck Hunt Unlocks a placable Duck Hunt minigame when your creating levels.


Elemental art by WaddleDeeDreamMoonX2.


  • The Logo was made by user EximiusMax


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