Elemental Stars
Elemental Stars
The four Elemental Stars in Super Mario: Elemental Journey.
Item Type Other
Kind of Item Star
First Appearance Super Mario: Elemental Journey
Latest Appearance Super Mario: Elemental Journey
Source of power, powers flower forms.
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Elemental Stars are a type of star introduced in Super Mario: Elemental Journey. They are four new sub-sets of stars, each star representing one of four elements (Fire, Water, Thunder, and Earth). These Stars play a part in powering up the Flower Forms that Mario and others can utilize over the game.

A weaker subset of the Elemental Stars are the Elemental Moons. These come in four subsets directly linked to the original four Elemental Stars, and are weaker in power but much more plentiful.


There are four Elemental stars. The Fire Star is red and and has flames faintly burning on it. The Water Star is a cyan color and shimmers like water. The Thunder Star is a yellow-ish brown color and features forking lightning over it's body. The Earth Star is a mellow green and has a cracked earth pattern over it.


The Elemental Stars were imprisoned along with Khrysalis before the events of Super Mario: Elemental Journey. Hints while playing suggests the Stars were manufactured by Rosalina's mom who ruled the Mushroom Kingdom, Morton Koopa Sr. who ruled over what would become Bowser's domain, the late king of Sarasaland, and the mysterious previous wielder of the Black Hole Gun.

Game Appearances

Super Mario: Elemental Journey

The four Elemental Stars debut in this game as the game's focus. Each hub world centers around collecting one type of each of the elemental stars.

  • Peach's Castle - Fire Stars
  • Comet Observatory - Water Stars
  • Daisy's Kingdom - Thunder Stars
  • Cosmic Lighthouse - Earth Stars

Likewise, each of the Elemental Stars has a Moon counterpart that is far more plentiful but weaker in power compared to Elemental Stars.