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Element Warrirors.png
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Nin.png
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) 2012
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) 7Rating.png

Element Warriors is a game for the Wii U and the first game in the Element Warriors (Series).


A young boy named Rare, is given an order by a God to restore the eighteen elements back to the earth. Unfortunately, evil beings commanded by Kaira, have spread them over the Earth and trapped them in hidden chests. The God gives Rare the first of these powers, kept hidden by the Gods. Rare receives the Element of Lightning. The God them tells him to gather his friends and find these elements.



Image Name Description Element Weapon
Rare 2.png Rare Lightning Club-like Sword
Raion 2.png Raion Jungle Bow and Arrows
Pine 2.png Pine (Element Warriors) Snow Snow Crystals and Sword
Pyro.png Pyro Fire Fire Sword
Flowe.png Flowe Water Water Morphing
Roman.png Roman Ice Ice Bolts and Sword
Koro.png Koro Lava Staff
Fluff Cloud
Glow Stars
Galaxius Planets
Thornos Thunder
Poseidus Sea
Lunar Moon


Image Name Description Element Weapons
Kaira.png Kaira Shadow Snake-entwined Spear
Strikus Hail
Firuso Sun
Saunu Demon
Koloros Ancient

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