Electric Wario
Electric Wario WL3.png
One of Wario's Reactions.
Original Character(s) Wario
Achieved By Getting hit by Webber or Mr. Moon's projectile electric attacks
First Appearance Wario Land 3
Latest Appearance Wario Land 3
Kills enemies on contact, immovable until ends

Electric Wario is one of Wario's Reactions in the Wario Land series. It was introduced in Wario Land 3.

Activation and Function

When hit by an electric attack, Wario falls down when knocked back, landing on the ground in a state of shock. He will then bounce a bit, and hold stock-still to remove the shock from his body. Any enemies touching him will be immediately defeated. It's debatable to really call this a power-up given it's short duration as well as it's complete non-use in anything except defeating enemies.




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