Hiraku is the most prominent member of the Human Council. He excersizes a massive amount of political power over the Human Alliance, and has allowed Humanity to survive through its most recent trials. Hiraku is a member of the Hito Family. He made his first appearance in Kirby: Onslaught


Of the three most prominent members from each family, Hiraku has had the most ordinary upbringing and life. He was born in the capitol city of the Human Alliance. Like any member of his sect, he has a very high IQ by Human standards. He also possesses the trademark psychic ability. Unlike most of his brethren, however, focused most of his time honing his psychic ability, and thus eventually became the most powerful psychic in Humanity. Having specialized in neither organization nor social organization, Hiraku had no choice but to enter politics. He proved himself a very motivational speaker, and soon gained popularity. Now in his old age, Hiraku is now the single most politically powerful man in the Human Alliance. His most notable accomplishment was his prediction of the arrival of Kirby, which was looked upon as a joke at first. In the events prior to Kirby: Dark Fury, Hiraku was forced to sentence his friend Vladislav to death in order to maintain peace and stability.


Hiraku is very devoted to his ideals of peace, hence many of his actions. He is also widely known to be the most amiable man in existance, finding friends in almost anyone. The old man can often be found meditating or practising his telekinesis in his quarters.


Elder Hiraku has lightly tanned skin, a round face covered in wrinkles, grey hair, and a long thin mustache. He wears traditional Hito garb, along with stoles to display his status.

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