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The Elder, guardian of Pokudu Island.
BIRTHPLACE Pokudu Island

The Elder is a character in the Darmanitan Slam series. He meets Darmanitan and Darumaka during their journey through Pokudu Island and gives Darumaka his new powers. His first appearance was in Darmanitan Slam U.


The Elder puts the safety and well-being of his daughter Gardevoir above everything else. All he wants is to make her happy, but sadly, he often doesn't know what could make her happy. He can be controlling to her at times, and he often makes decisions for her.

He hates imperfect things. He wants everything to be perfect, whether it's possible or not. He wants all imperfect things to be eliminated. He dreams of a perfect world that has order and reliability. He hates Darmanitan and Darumaka for their destructive tendencies.

It is impossible to impress him. Even when Darmanitan, Darumaka, and Gardevoir try their best to please him, he views their actions as only a level above insignificant.

The Elder is a great tactician and strategist. He can make smart decision quickly without wasting any time. He also has a great knowledge of the world, but what he knows most is the evil that has tainted this world. He thinks it is his destiny to get rid of it. He thinks Darmanitan is part of this evil.

Powers and Abilities

The Elder has some of the most powerful psychic abilities known to all Alakazam. He has complete mastery of the technique Psychic. He can use the move to cause severe damage to the victim's body anywhere he wants. He can use the Teleport move to go anywhere he wants instantly.

His spoons have powers, too. They can form nigh-impenetrable shields around him that allow his attacks to pass out of them, but block any attack on them. There are limits to the shield, however. The Elder must be using all of his concentration to keep the shield up. Just one stray thought will make the shield dissolve. He can also fire his spoons at enemies to stun them, then will follow up with a Psychic attack.

Game Appearances

  • Darmanitan Slam U — His first appearance. He meets Darmanitan and Darumaka shortly after they crash into Pokudu Island.
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