Eight (LXIV)
Eight Bit LXIV
Eight as he appears in The LXIV Saga.
Full Name Eight
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human
Height 5'6" (167 cm)
First Appearance The LXIV Saga
Latest Appearance The LXIV Saga
Eight is the deuteragonist of The LXIV Saga. He, in close collaboration with another person inside of The Void, seeks Amy Cerato and the book containing her memories.


During his first appearances, Eight doesn't seem to say or emote much of significance, occupied with battling against Jayl Cel and Kami. In the events leading up to his mission at Over Tower, however, it is revealed that Eight is primarily straightforward and determined. He also seems to regret a side of him that had been expressed in the past.



Main article: Crimson Voidness

Eight's power is called Crimson Voidness, known for its distinctive red aura. Crimson Voidness is a direct offensive concentration of energy, with an appearance similar to that of electrical lightning, which is fired and directed from Eight's hands. Crimson Voidness is considered the counterpart to Viridian Voidness, the power of which Sixty Four possesses.



The LXIV Saga





  • In the original series of Voidverse, Eight was called "Eight Bit", as a rival to Sixty Four (64-bit). However, this was changed as it was no longer significant to the story.
    • The filename of his official artwork, however, is titled "Eight Bit LXIV", as the art was created and named before the change was made.





Sixty FourEightAmy Cerato

Voidverse original canon
Eight (LXIV)
New 2012 Design.
Full Name Eight Bit
Current Age Book 1: 14 years old
Book 2: 17 years old
Book 3: 20 years old
Gender Male
Location Peace Key City
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Void Powers
Vulnerable To Light, stronger Void power than his own
Eight Bit is a main antagonist in The Sixty Four Saga. He is the first Void sub-persona in the Voidverse series. Later in The Sixty Four Saga, he becomes more of a friend to Sixty and Amy rather than an enemy. In The Colin Four Saga, his real name is revealed to be Edison Mount.==Personality==

Eight Bit as a villain comes across not so evil, but more jealous, as it seems in the very beginning that Sixty's life is going so great, and so Eight builds up a resentment for him. This is driven even further when he unlocks his power as the Void sub-persona to Jayl Cel. When he becomes more of a friend to Sixty and Amy, he seems to lighten up, though he's nowhere near being extremely nice to them.


Eight Bit wears a common Void Persona outfit: a single robe worn over agile fighting clothes. He has pale skin like most other Voidverse characters, and brown hair. His eyes, as Edison Mount, were blue, but when he was corrupted by Zero, they turned red.


Sixty Four

Sixty Four is Eight's rival, but they become friends after Jayl Cel is revealed as the true Void Persona.

Amy Cerato

A minor love interest of Eight's. Though he seems to like her more, this is merely because of his jealousy towards Sixty and Amy being closer.

Jayl Cel

Eight is a Void sub-persona getting his energy from Jayl. Jayl is also Eight's servant at one point, keeping track of him secretly.


Eight is a user of the power that the god, Zero, controls.


  • Eight Bit was originally named that because of his rivalry with Sixty Four, but as the Nintendo 64 became less and less of a serious factor in The Sixty Four Saga, the little reference to Sixty and Eight's rivalry made less sense.