Alignment Neutral Good
Habitat(s) Nostalgic Plains
First Appearance Super Mario Excursion
Latest Appearance Super Mario Excursion
Toad Town Resistance
The Eight-Bitters are a species native to the Nostalgic Plains of the game Super Mario Excursion.


The Eight-Bitters are a pixelated people, made entirely of pixels in a humanoid shape. Their unique body structure allows them to blend into the pixelated environment of the Nostalgic Plains. Other than the pixelated body structure, they resemble humans like Mario, or even Link and Samus.


Early History

The Eight-Bitters evolved from the pixels that make up the Nostalgic Plains, and established a small society for themselves. At some point, they began to worship some sort of pixelated god, and built temples dedicated to him.

Super Mario Excursion

Eventually, Francis would be sent by Bowser to the Nostalgic Plains to study the inherent nostalgic energies and see if they can be weaponized. The troops brought in terrorized the Eight-Bitters, and some sought refuge in Toad Town.


  • The Eight-Bitters are heavily inspired by the graphics of the Nintendo Entertainment System, to the point where they resemble humanoid characters from NES-era games.
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