Dark guy

An Eerie Guy's basic appearance

Eerie Guys are dark Shy Guys that usually appear in ghost houses. They are more powerful and are harder to defeat. They now have a black mask and light red robe (or pink) with a white belt and a dark gold belt buckle with light purple boots. They usually hit the player, charge at him, and sometimes throw Shadow Balls. They can only be defeated by using a Star or a Blue Shell.


  • If you hit them with hammers, balls or anything that can be thrown, they will catch it and throw it back at you.
  • If you try to bump into a Big Eerie Guy while being Shell Mario the Big Eerie Guy will pick you up (when you are dashing in the shell) and throw you back a couple of miles or throw you into a wall (which sometimes contain useful items or power-ups inside it.)
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