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EdwinCKoopaEva.png|thumb|Edwin B. Koopa's Current appearance.

Edwin Bill Koopa or Ed B. Koopa for short, is one of the many Koopalings. He is mostly normal except for the fact that he had lost a tooth when he was younger due to Luigi knocking it out. He hates Luigi for this. He is older than Iggy but younger than Roy.


Edwin was born by Clawdia Koopa, and later in his life, he started to help Bowser. When he was 9 years old, his only tooth was knocked out by Luigi, he also fell and cracked his shell. For these reasons, he hates Luigi. When he became 11, he became good friends with Bazyli Koopa because they both dislike Luigi. Most people think Edwin looks like a duck.


Edwin is very nice, he is very laid back. He is a history buff and enjoys maps, mapping, and history. He was one of the koopa kids, but he was thrown into a pile of dead memes trash when he was younger, and never really met the other koopalings. He personally thinks it's fishy on the amount of koopaligs there are.

Koopaling Relationships

Bowser Jr.: He likes Bowser Junior, but he gets annoyed when he whines

Edwin with his bluesteel boater hat on

Larry: He thinks Larry is fun to play with

Morton: He is a good friend of Morton.

Wendy: He likes Wendy, but he thinks she needs to cut back on the perfume

Iggy: He thinks Iggy is crazy in unrealistic manners, and personally thinks he's a phony

Roy: Roy is pretty cool, and they both agree on lots of things.

Lemmy : He thinks Lemmy is fun to play with.

Ludwig: he thinks this dude be lookin like a friccin moron with that hair

Lavora: He thinks Lavora is cool.

Jackson: He thinks Jackson is full of himself.

Bazyli Koopa: Best friends. They both lost things that were important because of Luigi.

Tim: He likes throwing rocks in the pond with him. 

Mario: Sort of a "meh" attitude towards him

Luigi: He hates Luigi because he cracked his shell and broke away his only tooth. Even though he hates him, he doesn't hate him as much as Bazyli hates Luigi.

Peach: He thinks that the Mushroom Kingdom should modernize, maybe start a revolution against the monarchy and replace it with a democratic system.

Daisy: Same as Peach

Rosalina: Doesn't know rosalina

Names in other languages

Japan: Nishi

Russia: Ivan

France: Evan 

Germany: Wilhelm



  • He also throws sledgehammers like a Sledge Bro.
  • He is not a rubber ducky, surprisingly
  • He likes cheese for an unknown reason.
  • He isn't a recolor
  • Unironically believes that anyone who still uses the phrase "Yaasss" should be put to death
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