I'm doing this to defend my home, dammit. If you're going to stand in the way, I'll cut you down too!

Eduardo "Eddy" Soares is a stiff and highly clever young man from a wealthy family, and the heir of a sword that unlocks his hidden potential. He is an ally of Mika Sho.




Eddy lives his life by a mantra of "the ends justify the means." He holds a strong sense of justice, but is willing to do whatever it takes to see that justice upheld when he doesn't have somebody else like Mika Sho to keep him on the straight and narrow. Even when lives aren't on the line, he is determined to be as calm and professional as he can regardless of the situation. Though this earns him some admiration from his classmates and comrades, it also makes him difficult to get along with. He has absolutely no sense of humor, and is notorious among those who know him for his inability to understand even the simplest of jokes. On the other hand, he has a surprisingly keen ability to detect sarcasm and over-exaggeration.


Eddy uses a Galvan Artifact, his rapier, to channel his latent power. As well as boosting his speed and strength, his latent power lets him absorb energy like sound, heat, and electricity into his rapier's blade, storing it inside until he releases it out of the blade. This essentially allows him to turns enemies' projectiles against them, though absorbing the attack is made difficult by how thin the blade is. As his power grew, he eventually realized that his power actually allows him to store energy in any metal he is in direct contact with. Regardless of his power's nature, however, it is directly tied to the Galvan Rapier. If he is separated from it, he is unable to use these abilities.


Mika Sho

After some initial friction around the time the two obtained their supernatural abilities, Mika and Eddy actually ended up getting along pretty well. Mika never feels particularly awkward around somebody as quiet and straightforward as Eddy, and Eddy is incredibly tolerant of Mika's eccentricity and excitability. Though you would expect them to try dating at some point, neither of them seem interested in having that sort of relationship with the other.


The Uncanny Adventures of Sunfire




  • Eddy fills the same role as The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho's Donald "Duo" Skitz in that he is a close ally of Mika established early on. To reference this, his name was chosen to sound vaguely similar to Donald's.

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