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Edison playing chess
SPECIES Human(?)
BIRTHPLACE Flatbush, Brooklyn
RESIDING AT Mario Bros. Plumbing
Mario Mario (roommate)
Luigi Mario (roommate)
OCCUPATION(S) Electrician

Edison is a recurring character from the live action segments of DiC Entertainment's The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! from 1989. Despite rarely being seen, Edison is the roommate of Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, and lives with the two brothers in Flatbrush, Brooklyn. Unlike the two brothers he lives with, Edison works as an electrician, and appears to be the one in charge of maintaining the electricity for Mario Bros. Plumbing office, and often pops out of manholes or the walls of the building in order to do said job or interact with others.

Physical Appearance

Edison's appearance is a rather strange one. While it is assumed he is a human, no flesh can be seen as his body is covered from head-to-toe in clothing. His only noticeable feature is his hair, which is tan in colour and resembles the stringy head of a mop. Edison wears a blue uniform, yellow gloves, a yellow construction helmet with a flashlight attached to it, and large black goggles that obscure his face.


Jake's Super Mario Kart

Edison makes his first video game appearance (and his first appearance since Captain Lou Is Missing, the sixty-fourth episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) in Jake's Super Mario Kart. In this game, Edison appears as a playable character who possesses a rather balanced pool of stats. In single-player Double Dash Grand Prix races, Edison is paired with fellow Super Show! character Ratigator.


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