Eddsworld: The Video Game  is an upcoming platformer/shooter developed GalaxySoft Inc. and distributed by Fantendo. It will be released in March 2014 for Nintendo 3DS, PC, Wii U, and Xbox 360. 


The gameplay is a combination of New Super Mario Bros. and the Eddsworld game Bang,Boom,Splat!Controlling the platforming stages are like running through a Mario level. In the shooter levels, you have to kill a certain amount of enemies within the time limit.



One morning, Edd and the gang find out all the cola and valuables in the house are gone! There's only one group of people who could've done this; Eduardo, Mark, and Jon. They see Zanta Claws (presumed dead), Lucifier, and the three neighbors going away with their valuables. Zombehs, Zoombehs, Demons, Mummies, and Undead Reindeer come to attack. The gang calls on Tord, their long-lost buddy. They grab the weapons and get ready for the fight.

Area 1: Snowcapped Wonderland

The guys end up in Snowcapped Wonderland, where the Snogre has summoned Zombehs and Undead Reindeer to surround his fortress, where Edd's Lucky Can is being held.



  • Edd 
  • Tom
  • Matt
  • Tord


  • Eduardo
  • Jon
  • Mark
  • Santa Claus
  • Zombeh Matt
  • Zombeh Tord
  • Chris Bingbong
  • Explorer Matt
  • Explorer Tord
  • Winter Clothes Edd
  • Winter Clothes Tom
  • Winter Clothes Matt
  • Future Edd
  • Future Matt
  • Future Tom


  • Mummies
  • Zoombehs
  • Zombehs
  • Undead Reindeer
  • Demons
  • Clones
  • Exploding Carolers


This includes the battle style and how to defeat the boss.

  1. The Snogre
  2. Clones
  3. King Tut 
  4. Lucifier
  5. Zanta Claws (first time)
  6. Jon
  7. Mark
  8. Zombeh Leader
  9. Beehemoth of Terror
  10. Zanta Claws (second time)
  11. All Bosses and Zanta Claws (third time)
  12. Eduardo 


There are 12 areas in the game, one of which has all the bosses in one battle.

Snowcapped Wonderland

Enemies: Undead Reindeer and Zombehs


  1. Icicle Hillside- A simple level with Zombehs surrounding.
  2. Edd for the Hills!- An underground level with Undead Reindeer and the first shooting section. The goal of the shooting section is to shoot 10 Undead Reindeer within 1:00.
  3. Dashing through the Snow- A nighttime level set in Bittensborough with Zoombehs and Zombehs attacking. The goal of the shooting section is to shoot 10 Zoombehs and  10 Zombehs together in 3:00.
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