Earthbound / Mother Mysteries (temporary title) is a turn-based RPG for the Wii U developed by Jellyfish Oasis and published by Nintendo. It is a sequel to the GBA title Mother 3, which has been released for 10 years. The game blends a lot of ideas and gameplay concepts from Earthbound Beginnings, Earthbound, and Mother 3. Unlike the first three games, Mother Mysteries takes place in an alternate universe, with characters from previous titles making appearances, but in completely different fashions.



Party Members

Breaking the tradition of only having 4 main party members in the Earthbound / Mother games, this game has 8 permanent party members you can obtain in the game.

Image Name Info
TBA Bryce The silent protagonist of the grand story (who would've known?!?!). Bryce is a 13-year old who likes to get in involved in mysteries and discover new things. He currently works for ??? (name to be revealed) and is sent on an assignment to stop the eccentric happenings that is occurring all around the world. Just like any boy with a striped shirt in the series, he is able to utilize support PSI to bolster his friends and create a strong blast of psychic energy which can hit all of his enemies: PSI Mystery (or whatever you called it during the naming process).

Other Characters

Locations and Areas


  • While the concept of parellel universes is used in many different franchises, the creator was greatly inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's method of handling alternate universes considering that the arcs Steel Ball Run and Jojolion take place in one separate from Parts 1-6.
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