Earthbound Dream (Mother 4 in Japan) is an Earthbound RPG developed by Brownie Brown and Nintendo  for the Nintendo DS.

Plot Summary

A young boy named Sight has a strange, triangular, tattoo-like birthmark on his left arm. He never thought much of it... Until now. Sight has discovered that he has psychic powers called PSI and his birthmark is a sign fortelling a prophecy. Now, Sight must defeat both the government and a mysterious, dream-stealing cult to stop the ressurrection of Giygas, save people's dreams, and the world.



  • Sight - A normal by from Valde Island. He is a farmer, and he never expected to go on such a large and expansive journey.
  • Dementi - An amnesiac boy that had lived on Echo Island for as long as he remembers. His brain does not hurt when he inters Echo Island. For some strange reason, he feels that he must befriend Sight and help him on his journey. He knows PSI.
  • Ellaine - Sight's sister. Ellaine is a great fighter, as she was taught by her dad to defend the island before he died. Ellaine knows a large array of physcial attacks.
  • Lori - The acclaimed physcic girl from Track Island. She knows complex PSI, but she doesn't really have any other strong-points.
  • Saturn DX - An abnormal Mr. Saturn who weilds guns in battle. He doesn't know PSI, but makes up for that by being very smart, meaning he can fix almost anything and can weild complex machines.


  • Giygas - An evil being with no real purpose other than to cause negative emotions, pain, suffering and sadness.


There are many different small islands in Laqueus, a kingdom where sea travel is more common than car travel. The islands each serve as basically one town.

  • Valde Island - Sight's home island, this is where him, his family and his small community live.
  • Track Island - A smaller community island that is not found on most maps.
  • Echo Island - An island where physics are heavily distorted; some people wonder how it actually works, and only end up hurting their brains.
  • Sorrow Island - An island supposedly haunted by an evil being, who is none other than Giygas.
  • Saturn Island - A very small island occupied by Mr. Saturns.
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