Earth Flower
Earth Flower New
The Earth Flower
Item Type Power-Up
Kind of Item Earth-Based
First Appearance Super Mario: Star Search
Turns Mario or Luigi into Quake Mario or Luigi.

The Earth Flower is a Power-Up in some Mario Games that is able to turn the bros. and other playable characters into their Quake equivalent. The Flower's Ability has different with appearances.


There are three versions of the Earth Flower, the Original, the Second and the New Version. Each Version works relatively similar to each other with some key differences.

Original Version

The Original Version of the Earth Flower looked identical to a Fire or Ice Flower except it had a Brown Outer Ring and Golden Middle Ring. Its leaves, eyes and other features were otherwise the same.

Second Version

The second version had a more Brown appearance to it. The leaves had a design that made it look like mud had splattered on them. In addition the Flower itself was more bulged and both rings were brown in this iteration.

New Version

The newest version of the Earth Flower greatly changes its appearance, it has no leaves like its predecessors instead posessing light brown thorns (although these thorns do not hurt the player). The stem is slightly thicker and longer and is orange-red in colour rather than green like normal. In addition the most significant change is that the body now has a crystalline appearance looking like a Brown Cut Gemstone. It has no outer of middle rings in this version however. Surrounding its face are seven smaller gems (possibly seeds) that reflect the seven colours of the rainbow, in addition its eyes are coloured like its stem in an Orange-Red appearance.


Depending on which iteration of the Earth Flower is used there are slightly different abilities associated with it.

Original Version

  • Ground Pound
  • Shock Waves
  • Limited Use (30 Seconds)

Second Version

  • Mud Ball Ram
  • Mudballs
  • Slide on solid surfaces

New Version

  • Rockball
  • Gemstone Stun
  • Rock Ball Ram


Super Mario: Star Search

The Earth Flower makes its first appearance in Super Mario: Star Search. It is found uncommonly.